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Woman shares brilliant hack to rescue a moldy shower curtain instead of tossing it: 'It legit looks brand new'

"Old me would've been grossed out and tossed it."

“Old me would’ve been grossed out and tossed it."

Photo Credit: TikTok

The dreaded moldy shower curtain — insert dramatic music here. We've all been there. It seems even the proclaimed mold-resistant curtains fall to their inevitable fate.

Promoter of sustainability and healthy living TikToker, Clean Chatter (@cleanchatter), might just have the solution you've been looking for. 

"It honestly sounds like a no-brainer, and I feel embarrassed I didn't know this earlier," she says.

The scoop

It turns out, all you have to do is — wait for it — wash it. 

"A little bit of white vinegar and dish soap is really all you need," she explains as she tosses a moldy shower curtain into the washing machine. "Make sure you wash it on delicate."

@cleanchatter Weve all been faced with the moldy shower curtain!! Old me wouldve been grossed out and tossed it. Sustainable me just washed it. Growing up is fun🫠 wash your shower curtains!! #lowwaste #ecofriendly #sustainability #hack ♬ vampire - Olivia Rodrigo

Clean Chatter displays the mold-free shower curtain post-wash. "It legit looks brand new." 

And she's not wrong. It looks like a recent purchase fresh out of the packaging.

How it's helping

Nobody wants a moldy shower curtain. From a purely aesthetical point of view, this is a no-fuss fix. The brilliant hack ensures you have a fresh, clean shower curtain at all times by extending the life of the one you already own.

It also helps prevent wasting single-use plastic, which comprises around 50% of plastic use and is one of the biggest threats to our oceans. Even if you aren't buying plastic curtains, the packaging typically is made of plastic.

This will save you money from throwing out curtain after curtain, as well as time and energy on extra trips to the store. It's also convenient, utilizing common household products that are already on your shelves.

Vinegar is a much healthier and economically savvy choice compared to bleach, which is frequently recommended in matters of mold. Unfortunately, bleach is toxic and harmful to our lungs and environment. Add extra savings because vinegar is cheaper than bleach too.

What's everyone saying

"Old me would've been grossed out and tossed it. Sustainable me just washed it. Growing up is fun," Clean Chatter posted.

Her followers were grateful for the hack — and luckily it came right on time.

"Not me watching this right before I was gonna buy new curtains and throw away my old ones - thank u," one viewer commented.

"You got this !!" Clean Chatter responded with support.

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