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Gardener shares simple hack that gives you the best-tasting tomatoes possible: 'Gardeners around the world use this trick'

"It's the secret to the best-tasting tomatoes, too."

Molasses trick to grow the juiciest tomatoes

Photo Credit: @tomato_dave/ Tiktok

As every tomato gardener can attest, even the smallest adjustments can make a big difference to your results each year.

And thankfully, TikToker and tomato expert Tomato Dave (@tomato_dave) has a major trick up his sleeve, which will help you prep your garden for planting season.

The scoop

In a popular video, Tomato Dave shares what he claims is the best thing you can do to get your garden ready for planting tomatoes this spring: molasses. By adding molasses to the soil, he explains, you can stimulate the microbes that will ultimately help your tomatoes to grow stronger.

"World-record gardeners around the world use this trick," the TikToker wrote in a comment.

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First, Tomato Dave shows how to add 2 tablespoons of raw, unfiltered molasses to a gallon of water in a jug. He then notes that you should drench your soil with this sugary mixture two to three weeks before planting, as it gives the soil's ecosystem time to prepare for your tomato seeds.

And this doesn't just work for tomatoes. In the comments, Tomato Dave added that this works for all plants in your garden.

"The more compost and organics mixed in, the greater the benefits," he wrote.

How it's helping

For years, gardeners have been using molasses as a key ingredient in organic gardening — and many swear that their tomatoes taste sweeter as a result.

Molasses is the byproduct left over when sugarcane is refined into sugar, which means it is a rich source of carbohydrates, carbon, and sugar for microbes living in the soil. By providing these nutrients for bacteria, molasses increases microbe activity in the soil, which in turn helps to stimulate plant growth

Bacteria are one type of biostimulant that increase plant growth and soil health, while also strengthening crops against pestilent microorganisms that might sicken the plant. This makes microbes an excellent natural alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which are known to be toxic to pollinating insects like bees and butterflies. 

What people are saying

TikTokers shared their approval of Tomato Dave's technique in the comments, with some even adding their own organic fertilizer techniques. 

"It's the secret to the best-tasting tomatoes, too. I'm convinced," another replied. 

"Going to try it this year! I also add fish heads under each of my tomato plants and aspirin!" another added.

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