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Ornery Texas homeowner mobilizes against power-drunk HOA that tried to block hurricane-proof roofing: 'I'm rooting for you'

"I don't want to invest in another junk composite shingle roof in an area where they are crap."

Hurricane-proof metal roof

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One rebellious Redditor in Texas grappled with their HOA's rule after being effectively blocked from installing hurricane-resistant metal roofing, as the group insisted upon composite shingles instead.

"I'm in the Texas Gulf Coast and can't install a roof that does well against high winds, high heat, hail, and the general crazy weather we have now," the user explained in their Reddit post. "A quality metal roof will last a lifetime and resists winds up to 160 mph. Most shingle roofs are good to 60 mph winds before they start to get damaged … I don't want to invest in another junk composite shingle roof in an area where they are crap."

Hurricanes are one of many serious threats that coastal homeowners may find themselves dealing with more frequently as our planet continues to overheat. Not only that, but such devastating storms will likely be stronger than they were in the past. 

Climate tech investor Molly Wood explained in a recent blog post that our rising global temperatures are "basically steroids for weather." 

"Whatever was already going to happen, like droughts, floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, heat waves, snowstorms, rain — all that is still going to happen," she wrote. "But when it happens, it's going to be worse. Also, extreme versions of what used to be normal weather are going to happen more often."

Metal roofs can also provide significant energy savings to homeowners as well, which is why many wish to pursue them.

The Texas Redditor included a link for a petition in their original post in an attempt to garner signatures and attention on their problem. It has garnered more than 230 signatures since it was posted in 2021. 

"Signed! Good luck and I'm rooting for you/us," said one commenter. 

"I do hope you can get this changed. Metal roofs can look really great on most houses too!" commented another.

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