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Grandma shares her unexpected trick for keeping disgusting dust mites out of your bed: 'This is so helpful'

"I'm so glad your account exists, Babs!"

Mattress cleaner

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Cleaning your mattress is one of the most tedious — and sometimes overlooked — household chores. One grandma has a genius cleaning hack that will make cleaning your mattress easier than ever. 

The scoop

Barbara Costello (@brunchwithbabs) shared a viral Instagram Reel breaking down her secret to washing her mattress. 

"It's spring cleaning time. Let's start with the mattress," she says in the clip. 

First, rotate your mattress. This will redistribute wear and tear on your mattress so you're not sleeping on the same section every night. This tip will prolong the life of your mattress. 

Before cleaning, bring dust, dust mites, and allergens to the surface. Costello suggests jumping on the bed to loosen everything up.

"Have any little monkeys at home? Have them jump on the bed before you start vacuuming," she jokes. "Or, you get on the bed and have some fun!" 

Once all the dust and allergens are at the surface, vacuum the mattress. 

For a deeper clean, Costello shares the recipe for her nontoxic mattress cleaner. Combine a quarter cup of witch hazel, a quarter cup of water, and three essential oils: eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender. Add 16 drops of each for a refreshing, relaxing scent. 

Then, spray the solution on your mattress to clean and deodorize. Costello recommends waiting until everything is dry before making your bed again.

Costello has a solution for stubborn mattress stains, too. Mix equal parts water and white vinegar and spray the stain. Then blot it with a clean cloth and sprinkle baking soda over the top. After letting it sit for an hour, vacuum away.

Your mattress will be stain-free, and you will be ready for a good night's sleep.

How it's helping 

Getting proper sleep is essential for good health. Costello's cleaning tips are nontoxic and remove allergens, giving you the best chance for a restful slumber. 

Mattresses are a regular haunt for dust and dust mites. These microscopic creatures love warm, humid locations like bedding, mattresses, and other furniture. 

If you are allergic to dust mites, sleeping in a bed full of them can trigger allergic reactions like coughing, sneezing, runny noses, and itchy eyes. Dust mites can also affect people with asthma, prompting shortness of breath, chest pain, or coughing.

Costello's hack will remove dust mites and other allergens, making your bed a haven from allergy and asthma triggers. 

Using her cleaning method is also better for the environment. Popular cleaners contain volatile organic compounds, harmful chemicals that vaporize at room temperature. They are responsible for respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and air pollution. 

Minimizing chemicals we release into the environment will not only benefit your health, but it'll help save the planet, too. 

What everyone's saying 

Instagram users were impressed by Costello's simple spring cleaning hack in the comment section. 

"I've never cleaned my mattress," one user wrote. "I guess I need to get on that!"

Another user said, "This is so helpful! I'm so glad your account exists, Babs!"

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