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Expert farmer shares simple hack to repel garden pests: 'I always have them in my veggie patch'

These have long been used by gardeners for pest control.

These have long been used by gardeners for pest control.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Springtime is here, and many are getting their gardens ready for the season. Troublesome pests are also coming out, however, threatening to ruin fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Thankfully, one TikToker shared how to keep pests at bay so your garden can flourish this year. 

The scoop

"People ask me why I have marigolds in my garden beds," Andre the farmer (@andrethefarmer) said in a TikTok.

@andrethefarmer Marigolds for natural pest control #organicgardening #naturalpestcontrol #companionplanting #fyp #foryou #andrethefarmer #permaculturelife ♬ Epic Music(863502) - Draganov89

Andre outlined his past struggles with pests that ate his cabbage and Brussels sprouts. He found marigolds help keep his garden strong.

He explained that marigolds "deter pests and attract pest predators and they get rid of nematodes in the soil."

"I've had great success in the past with using marigolds as a natural pesticide or natural plant defense, so let's see how it goes," Andre said.

How it's helping

Marigolds, which come in many different species, have long been used by gardeners for pest control. According to the University of Minnesota Extension, marigolds naturally repel predators, including deer and rabbits, with their odor. 

Marigolds, particularly the French marigold, have also shown effectiveness against nematodes by producing toxic chemicals that kill them.

While there is no scientific research to prove the success of marigolds, farmers and gardeners alike continue to plant them in their gardens, finding different levels of success. 

Gardening brings many benefits, including boosting mental health with more time outside and bringing communities together through community gardens. Gardening can also improve physical health. It can lead to increased fiber intake and an increase in dexterity and strength.

Growing your own food in a garden can also save money on produce and groceries. According to Washington State University, the average household will save $530 annually on groceries via food from their garden. Cultivating foods such as peppers and cucumbers can help reduce the demand for mass-produced produce, which can lead to air, water, and soil pollution.

By gardening, we can also help reduce the amount of waste in landfills and protect wildlife.

What everyone's saying

The gardening hack had users excited.

"My dad always planted marigolds at the base of our tomatoes along with basil, this just reminded me," one user commented. "I'll do this next year, thank you!"

Others shared their success with marigolds. 

"I always have them in my veggie patch," one wrote. 

For some, marigolds didn't work, but they found that there were other hacks for pest control, including nasturtium plants.

"I found monkey ball fruits & set them around & brassicas are untouched," one user commented.

"I hear radishes are also good trap plants," another shared.

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