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Shopper discovers vintage 20th-century relic while browsing their local thrift store: 'I want one of these so badly'

A similar set could cost a buyer almost $50.

Magnetic sign board

Photo Credit: u/feverishpoptart / Reddit

Thrifting is not only about saving money, reducing needless waste, or finding practical items for use at home. Sometimes, it's about discovering relics of bygone eras.

One such discovery was made by a Redditor after finding an early 20th-century magnetic sign board, complete with all of its original letters. Anyone with a magnetic word or character set knows how easy it is to lose some of them over time — but to have never lost a single one after nearly a hundred years is truly remarkable.

"Omg I want one of these so badly!! And with all the letters wowww! So cool!" remarks one Redditor. 

Another speculates about its intended purpose. "I think this might have been designed for helping people add titles to home movies. Not 100% sure on that though," they suggest.

Regardless if that truly was its intended purpose, its potential applications were likely much broader than that and limited only by the creativity of its owner. Such a sign could have plenty of real-world uses even today.

If all else fails, it could very likely be easily flipped for some quick cash. A similar magnetic character set (despite missing a few letters) could cost about $50, meaning this Wondersign set could probably net a fair amount more than that.

Regardless, it's a unique find and helps paint a picture of what simpler times may have looked and felt like when analog technology was still king. 

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