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Professional handyman shares secret tip for scoring major discounts on appliances: 'Why didn't I know this before?'

"Literally got a brand new, no damage fridge for $700."

"Literally got a brand new, no damage fridge for $700."

Photo Credit: TikTok

In a world where every penny counts and sustainability is gaining momentum, finding clever ways to save money while also reducing waste has become a sought-after skill. 

One ingenious hack has emerged from the aisles of hardware stores like Lowe's, where the savvy shopper can score significant discounts on appliances with minor damages.

The scoop

A recent TikTok post shared by a user named Andy (@handyandyfixes) sheds light on this money-saving strategy. All you have to do is scout the damaged section of appliance stores, such as Lowe's, where items with minor imperfections are often significantly marked down. 

In the video, Andy excitedly showcases a range and a fridge, both with noticeable dents but with price tags slashed by half or even more. 

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"I just bought this fridge. It's worth $1,600, I got it for 700 bucks just cause there are a couple of dents," Andy said. "I'm going to put my magnets on there, kids' art, you won't even be able to tell."

How it's helping

This hack primarily aids consumers in saving substantial amounts of money on otherwise expensive appliances. By purchasing items with minor damages, individuals can enjoy high-quality products at a fraction of the original cost. 

People can also shop at local thrift or secondhand stores to find deals on kitchen appliances. For instance, one thrifty individual managed to find a KitchenAid stand mixer worth almost $500 for just $10 because it was a bit dirty. They cleaned it up to look like new. Another shopper found a pair of Le Creuset Dutch ovens for an unbelievable deal of just $25 for both.

Deals like these are not only kind to your wallet but also help the environment by giving a longer life to perfectly functional appliances that might otherwise be discarded.

What everyone's saying

One user was stunned by this revelation, asking, "Why didn't I know this before?"

Meanwhile, others shared their amazing buys. "I got my dishwasher there. It was refurbished. Still kicking 10 yrs later," said one user.

"Literally got a brand new, no damage fridge for $700 because a customer bought it and his wife didn't like the color so they brought it back same day," another replied.

As more individuals discover and embrace this hack, its impact on both personal finances and environmental conservation is poised to grow, making it a win-win solution for savvy shoppers and the planet alike.

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