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Makeup artist shares genius hack for getting every last drop out of your liquid beauty products: 'Can't waste a drop'

"I need to pick up a new one."

L'Oreal foundation genius hack

Photo Credit: @linakhalifax/ Tiktok

When you find the ideal foundation for your skin, you want to use every ounce, and one TikToker is showing others the simplest way to do it.

The scoop

TikTok makeup artist Lina Khalifa (@linakhalifax) shows off a bottle of L'Oreal foundation. In the video, she appears with gorgeous pastel pink eyeshadow and a scatter of red and purple rhinestones, but the rest of her face is bare. 

Since she's running low on her choice of foundation, she dips a thin makeup brush directly into the bottle, then spreads the makeup right on her face before blending normally with a wider brush. 

In the video's title, she wrote, "Can't waste a drop."

@linakhalifax can't waste a drop 😮‍💨 #loreal #lorealparis #lorealinfalliblefoundation #foundation ♬ lost in the fire sped up - xxtristanxo

How it's helping

When wearing makeup every day, even a mid-ranged brand like L'Oreal gets expensive — and unlike colorful eyeshadows and lipsticks, basic foundation is an everyday item. Getting even a few extra days of coverage out of each bottle can translate to major savings over time.

Using every drop of foundation is also a smart move for the planet. Every extra bottle of foundation costs materials and energy to manufacture and ship, so it contributes to the air pollution that's heating up the planet. 

By making the most of every bottle, makeup users can stretch out the time between purchases and lessen their impact on the environment.

Other users have recommended investing in a small spatula that can get foundation out of the bottle without a mess. 

But Khalifa's method is convenient because it uses an ordinary makeup brush, a tool that most people who wear makeup already have on hand. It also makes spreading the foundation onto skin easy and comfortable.

What everyone's saying

Khalifa's hack got attention from commenters who were eager to try it. 

"Seeing this as I'm running out," said one commenter, adding teary-eyed and smiling emojis.

Khalifa replied, "I need to pick up a new one."

Other users were more interested in the foundation itself, a jar of L'Oréal Paris Infallible in 415 Rose Ivory. "Literal holy grail foundation," said another commenter and Khalifa agreed, "The best!!!" 

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