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Homeowner shares image of the hilarious way they made their yard more private: 'I needed a way to block my ugly neighbors'

"Bonus: Pollinators and birds galore!"

One Reddit user shared their living fence, also known as a hedgerow, that they planted to block the view of an ugly yard.

Photo Credit: u/doublejinxed / Reddit

Do you have neighbors with an ugly yard but don't have the resources or know-how to build a fence to block the unsightliness? Well, one Redditor recently posted an easy solution: grow a living fence.

In a post titled, "I needed a way to block my ugly neighbors," the Redditor posted their living fence, otherwise known as a hedgerow, blocking their view. The photo is captioned, "It really shines in the fall with the asters, but all my swamp milkweed is putting on a great show right now."

There are a lot of good reasons to grow a natural barrier rather than building a fence. 

Besides the natural beauty, like the asters during autumn, using native plants can be great for pollinators. Swamp milkweed attracts all sorts of pollinators, like butterflies, bees, and hummingbird moths. Hummingbirds will also occasionally feed on the flowers.

Planting a natural barrier is also better for the environment as a whole. For one, the vegetation you plant will absorb carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. On top of that, you don't have to use the lumber and other materials necessary to build a fence.

That may seem like a drop in the bucket considering overall lumber consumption or pollutants generated during the production of the other materials, but it's more than nothing at all.

"A living fence!" one commenter exclaimed. "I'm growing one to block my neighbors' backyard junk pile. Bonus: Pollinators and birds galore!"

Another wrote: "Magical! It's very lush and cottage-y."

Someone else grew a living fence for similar reasons, posting: "Looks great! I tried to do something similar with a row of switchgrass to hide my neighbor's cracked and peeling foundation, but it's become too floppy so I'm trying to think of alternatives. You've got a decent amount of room to play with!"

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