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Thrift shopper finds 'remarkable' vintage leather chair for just $10: 'My best value find to date'

The chair, which has deep mahogany-colored wood details and a blue leather back, seat, and armrests, truly looks like something special. 

Leathercraft chair, vintage leather chair

Photo Credit: u/level27geek / Reddit

A Redditor was left stunned and more than happy to show off a remarkable thrift store find: a vintage leather chair worth a whopping $3,000 new for just $10. 

Posted in r/ThriftStoreHauls, the user explains that they came across the unique chair while on the hunt for a new office chair. "My best value find to date," they wrote over a picture of the "high-end" chair.

"At first I walked by it as I thought it's another of the cheap plastic leathers things … until it occurred to me that those seldom use real wood," they explained

The chair, which has deep mahogany-colored wood details and a blue leather back, seat, and armrests, truly looked like something special. 

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"Checked under the seat cushion and it turns out not only it's leather, but it's from a boutique made-to-order company," the original poster wrote. 

That made-to-order boutique company turns out to be Leathercraft, a leather specialist that offers customizable products using high-quality components. With a little more snooping, the Redditor quickly discovered that the base model of their new office chair starts at $3,000.  

Thrift shopping has truly taken off in recent years, and for good reason. First, it saves you major bucks. But thrifting is also great for our environment. The practice cuts down on the amount of textile waste in our landfills, which is around 92 million tons every year. 

Also, with a bit of research, thrifting can land you high-quality items (for a great deal) that will last a lot longer than fast-fashion items.

Other Redditors were super impressed with the find, with the post gaining more than 500 upvotes. 

"That color is remarkable!" one person commented

Another noted how special it was to find a Leathercraft chair. 

"Leathercraft makes superior stuff," they said. "It's a classic chair and you did very well."

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