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Homeowner shares video of their 'lazy' neighbor's outrageous lawn-mowing contraption: 'That's not lazy. That's crazy.'

"It's actually more tiring and hardly gets the job done."

'It's actually more tiring and hardly gets the job done.'

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One Redditor just shared a video proving the lengths some folks will go to avoid a simple chore.

Lawns have gotten controversial in recent years. One of the main issues is mowing — something that turf grass needs but many, many lawn alternatives don't. To a lot of people, it's a noisy, physically demanding waste of time and energy.

Still, the person who shot the video — it appears it traces back to this YouTube video submitted to ViralHog — went a little far to get out of mowing their lawn the normal way.

In the video, the neighbor's minivan can be seen driving around their yard. The back hatch is open, and as the vehicle turns, a lawn mower becomes visible, being dragged backward behind the vehicle.

On the surface, it might sound like a funny way to make mowing easier, but there are several drawbacks. First of all, from the way the mower is bouncing, the blades are obviously not going to run evenly over the ground. The result is a patchy, choppy lawn that could be short enough to damage the plant roots in places.

Second, the vehicle itself can cause damage to a yard. A van is obviously much bigger and heavier than a lawn mower, and the wheels can crush and tear up the grass. As Cardinal Lawns explains, limiting large vehicles is essential for lawn care.

Third, running an entire van back and forth across the lawn uses up a ridiculous amount of gas, on top of what the mower itself is already using. It's expensive for the owner, and it also pollutes the environment. That kind of excessive air pollution is contributing to the Earth's rising temperature and unstable weather.

The original poster on Reddit thought the neighbor was lazy, but as one commenter said: "That's not being lazy though, it's just plain stupid. It's actually more tiring and hardly gets the job done. Lazy people are often [more] clever and creative than you think."

"You sure that gas price is worth it? I'd definitely rather do it the normal way," wrote another. 

"That's not lazy. That's crazy," said a third.

There did appear to be more of an explanation from tracing back to the original YouTube upload, though, as that description said: "My neighbor was trying to cut his grass and it was too long, so he kept stalling the lawnmower. His solution was to attach the push mower to the back of his van and fly around the property." Take that for whatever it's worth, especially since it seems to still be trailing behind on the ground.

If someone really wanted to save effort on their lawn, they could switch to the AI-powered Landroid electric mower. Not only does it mow the lawn by itself, but it runs on electricity, so it doesn't need fuel. That would be a win for the owner and the environment.

Another option is to get rid of the grass lawn altogether. Many people are choosing to swap out their water-guzzling grass for no-mow ground covers, native plants, or xeriscaping.

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