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Landscaper issues warning for homeowners considering common lawn product that is 'impossible' to get rid of: 'It will literally kill your plants'

Putting them near plants, animals, and children is downright dangerous.

Putting them near plants, animals, and children is downright dangerous.

Photo Credit: TikTok

For some homeowners, spreading rubber mulch might seem like a simple landscaping solution for garden beds — but an expert landscaper on TikTok warned that this is a bad idea.

The landscaping account Summit Lawns (@summitlawns) posted a video with the caption: "Say NO to rubber mulch!" 

@summitlawns Say NO to Rubber Mulch! #lawn #lawncare #plants #mulch #yard #fyp #viral ♬ Anywhere (Road Trippin') - anamē

In the video, the expert explains that "rubber mulch is impossible to get out of your yard … And if you ever want to switch to natural mulch, you'll never be able to, because those grains will always be there."

He continues describing how it's inconvenient to use and dangerous to plants. "The rubber absorbs all the heat and it will literally kill your plants, it is not healthy for it at all," he warns.

Instead, he suggests opting for a natural mulch.

Commenters agreed with his advice. "I don't understand rubber mulch, that's like watering your plants with gasoline," one said. "Just why would anybody voluntarily spread rubber bits across their property?" another asked.

Rubber mulch is typically made from recycled car tires. But while recycling them is an admirable idea, putting them near plants, animals, and children is downright dangerous.

The Environmental Protection Agency has found over 290 types of chemicals in recycled tires, and over half of those have been identified as carcinogenic, per La Voz Magazine. And when these rubber pieces are left to bake in the hot sun, toxins are released into the air, the soil, and the surrounding water.

Not only is rubber mulch toxic, but it's also flammable, putting homes and schools at increased risk. 

Instead of rubber, homeowners are better off using natural mulch — such as compost, wood chips, or straw — for their garden beds.

"I can get natural mulch for free from my local recycling center," one commenter shared. "No way am I paying to get the rubber garbage."

These natural mulch options are a great way to create natural lawns, which are growing increasingly popular among homeowners because they are more affordable and easier to maintain. As a bonus, they also support local wildlife and pollinators … all without putting people at risk of developing cancer.

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