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Tenant outraged after landlord ruins yard: 'He literally just showed up one day'

"It was an extreme violation of your rights."

“It was an extreme violation of your rights."

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After a baffling encounter with their landlord, one tenant took to Reddit to vent about what he did to their yard.

"Landlord destroyed our yard," they said in the title of their post, which appeared in the ironically named r/LandlordLove subreddit. "Our landlord decided this week that, with absolutely zero warning or consent from us, he was going to tear up our entire backyard."

Sadly, this Redditor isn't the only one to have a similar encounter with a landlord. One renter was disappointed when their landlord's employee removed their freshly planted flowers but left behind litter in the planters. Another owner took to the yard himself with a pickax, even after giving the tenants permission to plant there.

But this case seems even more extreme given the terms of the rental contract. "He destroyed my garden and our yard area that we pay an extra $200 a month for (which now we can't even use)," the Redditor claimed.

Not only did that deprive them of the benefits of a garden, like veggies and a reason to get fresh air, but there were also fewer plants on the property now to purify and cool the air.

No reason was given for the destruction. "He literally just showed up one day and completely tore everything up with heavy machinery and a big crew," the Redditor said. In a comment, they added, "We confronted him about it and all he said was sorry and then continued to do it."

The Redditor didn't think this intrusion was right. "I feel like this was an extreme violation of our privacy and our rights," they said.

Commenters agreed that the landlord was way out of line. "It was an extreme violation of your rights," said one user. "At the very least, he must give you at least 24 hours notice that he will be visiting or having work done on the premises (or more depending on the state). You can sue him for violating the lease agreement you have, and if he's a shifty guy then you can also use this as an excuse to terminate your lease without penalty."

"There's a concept in the law called Quiet Enjoyment," another user pointed out. "That's what you've been paying him for every month, and that's what he destroyed when he bulldozed your yard during your lease. It's a major breach."

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