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Landlord's absurd requirement sparks outrage after tenant shares truth behind water bill: 'Waste like this is infuriating'

"It's crazy that lawns are still even allowed here."

"It's crazy that lawns are still even allowed here.”

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It turns out the grass is not always greener on the other side. 

One Reddit user shared their concerns over a water bill costing more than $200 in r/LandlordLove, an ironic, tenant-focused subreddit for posts on the individual and systemic problems with rental properties.

"Landlord requires us to water the lawn AND pay the water bill, but they set the sprinkler system. Usage for 2 people went from 3,000 gal/month to 20,000," the original poster stated.

"It's crazy that lawns are still even allowed here.
Photo Credit: Reddit

The post sparked outrage among commenters in the thread. One user called the wasted water "infuriating" as they emphasized how important conserving water is in areas facing drought-related difficulties.

"I turned the whole thing off. It's such a terrible waste. We're in a drought area and it's crazy that lawns are still even allowed here," the original poster replied.

"Check your local laws. Some places don't allow requiring lawns and high irrigation, especially in arid regions with the mega drought," a commenter suggested, questioning whether the original poster's lease could enforce such a costly demand.

Grass lawns have been reported to take up roughly one-third of all residential water use in the United States, amounting to nearly nine billion gallons of water each day. 

Commenters voiced their disapproval of the wasted water and shared various links to other Reddit forums such as r/NoLawns, a community for discussing alternatives to traditional grass lawns. 

Other Redditors suggested considering native plants to conserve water usage. According to the EPA, homeowners can create beautiful, water-efficient landscapes by introducing native plants to their yards, which require little water beyond normal rainfall. 

"They'd require far less money and effort while still looking pretty and being good for the environment. Feels like a cheat, really," one user noted.

"The only reason I have a lawn is so my pup doesn't get hurt. But I do have a cordoned-off section in my backyard reserved for native grasses and flowers," another mentioned

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