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Shopper reveals how they scored a KitchenAid mixer for less than $15: 'I've never been more jealous'

"Whoa! That's wild."

KitchenAid mixer

Photo Credit: u/lowlife9/ Reddit

Saving money can be as simple as being in the right place at the right time — and in this instance, the right place and time was a local thrift shop offering a KitchenAid mixer (which usually retails for hundreds of dollars) for a mere $13.49.

It was purchased for an even lower amount: $10.79, because an extra 20% was taken off. This was too good of a deal to pass up, and one lucky Redditor took to the platform to show off their incredible find.

KitchenAid mixer
Photo Credit: u/lowlife9/ Reddit

If you want to find deals like this, it pays to do just a little bit of research on popular items that get overlooked by thrift store employees or the current items on the shelf, just to see if there's anything there of value.

Still, even if you don't find the deal of the decade like this Redditor did, you may still find a good deal on other appliances, and you'll be doing the environment and your wallet a favor by purchasing second hand. 

Thrifting helps keep items out of our overcrowded landfills. Plus, by refraining from buying brand-new items, you are decreasing the demand for new goods to be manufactured and shipped, both of which contribute to the overheating of our planet.  

"This is thrifting at its finest," reads the top comment on the post. Others had similar reactions. "You are living the dream! This is such a sweet find," reads one. "What a nice score! Looks like it came with all it's attachments, too," reads another.

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Understandably though, others couldn't help but express a bit of envy at what was clearly a very rare deal.

"Whoa! That's wild. Congrats. I'm very jelly," said one such Redditor; and they weren't the only one to allude to such feelings. "And to think I was happy to pay $52 for mine at an estate sale," reads a similar sentiment. Another comment was a little more straightforward in tone by simply saying, "I've never been more jealous."

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