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DIY master sparks inspiration with before-and-after photos of their jeans-mending transformation: 'Love the end result'

"That looks like art!"

Jeans-mending transformation

Photo Credit: u/Joesmamaas / Reddit

A Redditor has posted some before-and-after pictures of their jeans-mending transformation. The result is quite creative.

The pictures were put on display on the subreddit r/Visiblemending, which has 201,000 members. 

"Before and after mending a vintage pair of 501s," the Redditor wrote.

Photo Credit: u/Joesmamaas / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/Joesmamaas / Reddit

The first three pictures are of a pair of jeans that are ripped up, while the final pictures show the jeans put back together with some interesting designs, one of which resemble crop circles.

Fixing old clothes and reusing them (or giving them away) is usually much better than throwing them out and purchasing new ones. The most obvious benefit is money savings, but there's a whole lot more.

Beyond the personal financial benefits, repairing and reusing clothes helps protect the planet. 

The production of textiles requires energy, which usually means a dirty energy like oil and gas are burned to move the machinery needed for making these materials.  

About 85% of textile waste in the U.S. ends up in landfills or is set on fire, which also releases enormous amounts of planet-warming gases into the atmosphere.  

In the U.S., discarded clothing is the No. 1 source of textile waste

Overall, the fashion industry produces between 2% to 8% of planet-warming emissions. 

Then there's water. 

At a time when human industrial activities are heating the planet, droughts are becoming more commonplace, which means water scarcity is becoming a more noticeable problem everywhere from China to the Southwestern United States.

Meanwhile, it takes 2,000 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans, which means it may be worth repairing those tears instead of buying another brand new pair. 

Redditors were at no loss of words. 

"Love the texture you ended up with, well done! They look amazing now!" one person wrote

 "Dude, that looks like art!" another expressed.

 This person admitted that they "seriously love the end result!" 

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