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Gardener seeks advice after making regretful landscaping error: 'I made a mistake I'm now paying for'

"We only know this because we have made these mistakes too."

"We only know this because we have made these mistakes too."

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Gardening can be a series of trial and error. As with anything else, sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

"I made a mistake I'm now paying for," a Redditor posted on r/gardening.

Confessing that mint and lily of the valley had taken over their garden, the New England gardener came to the subreddit for advice on how to fix it.

Mint and lily of the valley are easily adaptable and spread very quickly. Because of the invasive nature of these plants, they can be extremely damaging to their environment by competing with native plants for moisture, sunlight, nutrients, and space. 

While pretty on the eyes, lily of the valley is aggressive and poisonous. Every single part of the flower is toxic, presenting a huge danger to animals and pets. While mint is also territorial with roots called "runners" that spread like wildfire, if planted carefully, it can be a great garden addition. 

Knowing what not to grow and how to grow it is crucial to rewilding and keeping the ecosystem in balance. Any amount of rewilding you can do in your yard will benefit the environment. 

Homeowners who choose native plants save money on water, fertilizer, and pesticides while spending less time on yard work because the plants naturally flourish in the local conditions.

It's also beneficial to wildlife, like birds and pollinators, who will appreciate the food and shelter native plants provide. 

When gardening, take the time to learn what plants are native to your area to prevent disaster. Transform your yard and check the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find the native plants in your area. 

The post was met with plenty of advice from digging up the bulbs and smothering any resurgence to making bouquets of the lilies.

"Digging them up will be a multi-year effort," a Redditor wrote as a warning not to get discouraged.

"Thank you, everyone, for the advice! Wish I had come across this sub before planting mint," the OP said in the comments.

"We only know this because we have made these mistakes too," responded another user.

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