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Is insect-based dog food healthier for your pet than meat-based? The gut science says yes

Insects are regarded as a nutritional powerhouse because they provide high-quality protein and fiber.

Insect based dog food healthier than meat

A new tail-wagging dog food brand is promising to help dogs with health issues while helping the planet –– and you won't believe what its treats are made from. 

Chances are, you've probably seen your dog eat one too many bugs. Our four-legged friends have an innate curiosity for bugs that makes them want to play with or eat insects.

Jiminy's embraces bug-eating for dogs by producing food and treats with insect proteins as the base of its products, rather than chicken or beef. 

The company currently has two recipes for its insect-based dog food: one with a cricket-based protein and the other with a grub-based protein. 

While your dog might care more about the delicious crunch of their next Jiminy's treat, you can still enjoy the many health benefits this brand provides for your best friend.

Promotes a healthy gut

Insect protein contains fiber and works as a prebiotic for dogs, according to Jiminy's. These features can help relieve gut issues and keep your pet regular. 

This brand uses insects raised in sanitary indoor farms in a controlled environment to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that cause illness.

Meat farms are known to be contaminated with diseases like salmonella and E. coli, meaning Jiminy's can provide a cleaner and safer food for your dog than other popular brands.

Jiminy's also claims to be a more humane dog food brand because its crickets live in clean, free-range conditions and live out 80% of their natural life before harvest. 

In the agriculture industry, cows raised for beef typically live just 22 months of their 25-year life expectancy, roughly 7% of their natural lives. Chickens raised for meat can live anywhere between six weeks and a year and a half out of their 5-to-10-year life expectancy. 

Great for dogs with food allergies

Your dog is more likely to develop an allergy to a food the longer they eat that same food or ingredient. 

Beef, chicken, dairy products, fish, lamb, and soy are the most common food allergy triggers because these are the most prevalent ingredients in commercial dog foods.

Because dogs rarely encounter insect protein, like cricket, in commercial dog foods, this ingredient can be a great alternative protein for dogs currently experiencing food allergies and sensitivities.

Packs a nutritional punch

In addition to insect protein from crickets or grubs, Jiminy's products contain plant-based ingredients to load each meal with necessary nutrients to keep your dog happy and healthy.

According to Jiminy's, its products contain three times more protein than beef, two times more iron than spinach, and more vitamin B-12 than salmon.

Insects are regarded as a nutritional powerhouse because they provide high-quality protein and fiber. 

Plus, dogs are (literally) drooling over Jiminy's.

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Reduces your and your pet's ecological pawprint

Compared to chickens and cows, crickets and grubs require far less land and water to produce the same amount of protein for dog food.

Insect-based dog food also produces less air pollution. When compared to cattle, weight for weight, insects release 80 times less harmful methane gas pollution into our air.

Comparing a bag of Jiminy's treats with the same size bag of commercial treats, Jiminy's treats can save over 200 gallons of water with just one bag, Jiminy's claims. 

On its website, Jiminy's discloses its impact on the planet. The company claims that in the last year, its products have conserved 218 million gallons of water, avoided producing over 20 million grams of harmful air pollution, and produced 130,000 pounds of insect protein per acre of land compared to meat-based commercial dog treats. 

Whether you are trying to navigate your dog's food allergies or reduce Fido's impact on the planet, Jiminy's is revolutionizing dog food without compromising taste.

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