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Influencer sparks outrage with footage of massive shopping haul: 'Why does anyone need to buy that much clothing on a regular basis?'

"I literally hate this."

“I literally hate this."

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One Instagram user took to Reddit to share their feelings on an influencer's extravagant clothing haul. 

The post appeared on the r/Anticonsumption subreddit and included a screenshot of the influencer's story, which shows off many packages piled high on the counter and covering the floor around it. 

"It's like Christmas here … So many cute things to try out and style for fall. I'm so excited," the influencer's caption read on their story. 

Photo Credit: u/cj0620 / Reddit

The original Reddit poster and commenters were full of criticisms about the culture of influencing and the consumption. 

Some users noted that sometimes influencers don't ask for these items; they just receive them from companies looking for advertisements. In that case, the culture of influencing is still at fault, but so are large companies. 

Many found the amount of clothing to be excessive, especially for just one season. And not only that, but the sheer amount of packaging that would likely end up in the garbage was overwhelming. 

Instead of buying so much clothing each season, it's easier to invest in some quality basic pieces if you have the means and buy just a few season-specific items. You can even find quality products second hand, as the producers of "Love Island" proved with their move toward using eBay for wardrobes.

This is a much more affordable and sustainable way to keep up with fashion trends. It's expensive to buy a new wardrobe each season, and it takes more than 700 gallons of water to produce just one T-shirt — so overconsumption takes a significant toll on your wallet and the environment. 

If you want to save even more, you can extend this mindset to other areas of your routine and check out this article on money-saving, sustainable makeup hacks

The comments matched the sentiment of the original poster, with one user who wrote, "I've spent so much effort decluttering that this pile just makes me tired and sad." Another Redditor asked, "Why does anyone need to buy that much clothing on a regular basis?" A third user wrote, "I literally hate this," while another simply commented, "Gross." 

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