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This viral video proves induction cooktops outperform gas stoves: 'Induction's your best friend!'

The magnetic current that flows from the induction cooktop creates an almost instant heat.

Induction cooktop Stove vs Gas Stove

The blue flames of a gas range make it seem like the mightiest stove, but does it compete with the magnetic technology of an induction cooktop

Chef Anthony Marino, who works with Pittsburgh appliance store Don's Appliances, put induction and gas stoves to the test, timing which appliance was able to boil water the fastest on its highest settings.

The boil test

In an Instagram video posted to the company's page, Chef Anthony cranks up both cooktops to the max before placing an equal pot of water on each. 

In just 50.81 seconds, the water on the induction cooktop was boiling. It took the gas range 171.62 seconds to boil water. 

Because an induction stove uses magnetism between internal plates and the cookware you're using to heat food, this technology can cut out the middle man that eats up a lot of cooking time: heating up the actual stove. 

The magnetic current that flows from the induction cooktop to the cookware creates an almost instant heat that begins to cook the contents of a pan immediately. 

This technology allowed the induction cooktop to boil water more than three times faster than the gas cooktop in the video, and also makes induction stoves the most energy-efficient range available. 

For electric or gas cooktops, only up to 70% of the heat energy generated actually cooks the food. For an induction cooktop, up to 90% of the heat generated goes directly to cooking, resulting in less energy wasted. 

Cooking up money savings

Now is one of the best times to upgrade to an induction range –– the Inflation Reduction Act provides up to $1,200 in tax credits for a new induction stove.

Beyond tax credits, induction stoves are 5 to 10% more energy efficient than traditional electric stoves, and three times more efficient than gas stoves, saving you money on your electricity bill each month.

Cleaner air

Unlike gas ranges, induction stoves do not emit gas pollution into the air –– meaning better indoor air quality for your home and easier breathing for those with respiratory issues like asthma.

Gas ranges emit potent methane gas that causes the planet to overheat more than the notorious greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

From perks like energy efficiency to cleaner air and rapid cooking times, induction stoves are heating up the competition for the title of best stove.

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