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Infuriated tenant shares video following landlord's botched home maintenance: 'Now this is what I have to deal with'

"Be glad you don't own that house."

Tree removal

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One Redditor shared an infuriating video showing what can happen when trees are removed thoughtlessly.

The video comes from a post in the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit. Many renters there have shared stories of lazy and thoughtless landlords — some of whom have no regard for their tenants or the environment — whose improper maintenance or outright neglect had major consequences for their frustrated residents.

This time, the issue was a tree that served a surprising role for the home before it was removed. 

"The landlord cut down a small tree that used to block the water when it rained," the original poster explained. "Now this is what I have to deal with."

The attached video shows the view out the user's front door during a shower. Because of a seam in the roof that funnels rainwater to the area, a huge waterfall pours off the edge of the roof onto the pavement directly in front of the door. There's so much water it looks like the spray from a hose, and the original poster would have to walk straight through it to enter or leave the apartment.

One commenter was confused about what removing a tree had to do with the issue. "How does a small tree stop that?" they asked.

The original poster replied, "It didn't completely stop it. However, most of the water ran down the trunk as opposed to splashing directly on top of my head."

The spray may be annoying for the tenant, but as another commenter pointed out, that's not the worst part. "Be glad you don't own that house with rain like that and no gutters or drainage," they said. "Not having gutters to direct water away from the foundation can lead to foundation issues, structural damage, and mold."

Another user added, "That's going to make a roof leak."

Removing trees also has other negative effects, like depriving residents of shade and clean air. However, some heavy-handed landlords and HOAs still demand it for looks or convenience. Luckily, residents concerned for their property or the environment can sometimes fight back in court.

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