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IKEA wants to pay you to take back your old and used furniture — here's how to try it

In order for your furniture to find its way into a new home, it has to be fully assembled, with no missing parts.

IKEA buy back old and used furniture

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IKEA is a reliable staple for many when it comes to furnishing after a move, redecorating, or just giving a room a new vibe. 

Now, IKEA has made moves to become more sustainable with their Buy Back & Resell program.

What is the Buy Back & Resell Program?

The program allows customers to bring back their pre-loved IKEA furniture that they no longer need to their local IKEA store. 

The team will then buy it back and give the furniture a chance at a second life, while the customer earns store credit to spend on new products.

How does it work?

The steps in the program are simple. First, start off by filling out the form on the IKEA website and the team will be in contact via email with a full quote of your furniture's buy back value. 

Once you've got your quote, all you need to do is head down to one of the participating IKEA stores with your quote, your buy back number, and your fully assembled pre-loved furniture. The item will go through one final assessment to check the furniture's buy back value. 

After the team has confirmed the buy back value, you will receive store credit and your furniture will get sent to IKEA's As Is department to find its new home.

What furniture will be accepted in the Buy Back & Resell program?

In order for your furniture to find its way into a new home, it has to be fully assembled with no missing parts and no modifications or alterations. Beds, mattresses, sofas, and upholstered or leather furniture cannot be accepted at the moment.

What does the Buy Back & Resell program mean for the future?

IKEA's push into the secondhand shopping market follows a rise in shoppers wishing to minimize their environmental footprint.

A report by OfferUp found that secondhand shopping grew nearly 15% in 2021, with Americans now spending an average of 27 minutes per day browsing resale marketplaces, almost the same amount of time they spend on social media. 

Buying pre-loved items helps extend the lifespan of quality products, reduce unsustainable new production, and divert waste from landfills. Participating in initiatives like IKEA's Buy Back & Resell program allows you to give some great products a brand-new home for many years to come, while making a couple of bucks in exchange.

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