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Gardener reveals simple hack to save outdoor planters from winter freezes: 'Heading outside to do this right now'

"You're probably gonna be mad at yourself for not thinking of this sooner!"

"You're probably gonna be mad at yourself for not thinking of this sooner!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

For many people, the arrival of winter means it's time to break out the hot cocoa and blankets, but unfortunately, the icy temperatures can also leave a few cracked outdoor planters in their wake. 

Thankfully, gardening TikToker The Cottage Peach (@thecottagepeach) shared a simple, totally free hack to keep your planters and pots safe from freezing temperatures. All that's required is a few minutes of your time and a little upper body strength.

The scoop 

Depending on the size of your plants and the materials your planters are made of, it can be a monumental chore trying to move them out of the elements. However, if you leave them outside to weather the frigid temperatures and just hope for the best, you may end up with cracked or broken pots

According to the pottery company Ten Thousand Pots, cold weather causes water in the soil to expand during a freeze. When this happens in your planters, the force of the water expanding can easily crack fragile pots, such as those made of ceramic, clay, or metals. 

However, The Cottage Peach offered a simple solution that doesn't involve breaking your back or leaving it up to chance.

In the video, she advised tipping planters on their sides so "water can't collect in the soil, keeping your planters safe for spring." 

@thecottagepeach Am I the only one who didn't know about this? I really hope not because I was so excited when I figured it out 😅👀 #organicgardener #growyourownfood #containergardens #pottedplant #plantergarden ♬ original sound - The Cottage Peach

"You're probably gonna be mad at yourself for not thinking of this sooner — I know I was!" she said. 

How it's helping

If you have outdoor plants, you know that containers for them can take a big chunk out of your wallet. Some can cost hundreds of dollars, and if you have a big garden, buying new planters can add up quickly. Following this hack to weatherproof your planters can save you tons of cash and time shopping for replacements. 

While you probably aren't gardening in the winter, growing your own plants or food can have huge benefits for your health and the planet. When spring rolls around, getting back in the garden can help you stay physically active and boost your mental health

The planet will thank you, as well, since the transportation of globally-shipped produce accounts for about 36% of all planet-warming pollution generated by the food transportation system. According to our research, growing 300 pounds of food can eliminate 50 pounds of carbon in the air each year. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters on the post were grateful for the tip, and some had even tried it with success. 

"Heading outside to do this right now!" one person said. 

"I do this … [it] makes things so much easier. I do have to bring some inside," another added.

"Seriously hope this isn't obvious to everyone but me," the OP commented, to which someone replied, "It's not. ALL my planters cracked last year, thanks so much for this tip!"

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