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Gardener shares clever plant-watering hack using wine bottles: 'I need to buy some wine for my plants'

"This hack is especially great if you're leaving for vacation."

"This hack is especially great if you’re leaving for vacation."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A gardener's brilliant plant-watering hack is giving people another reason to reach for that daily glass of wine.

The scoop

TikToker Vego Garden (@vego_garden) shared how an empty wine bottle can keep your plants hydrated without much effort.  

After removing all labels and glue from the bottle, the gardener used a nail to poke a tiny hole in the top of the lid.

@vego_garden #Vegogarden is back with another #gardeninghack #foryou! Who wants a glass of #wine ? 🙋‍♀️ #wateringhack #springgarden #gardenhack #ourfavorite ♬ original sound - Vego Garden

"Metal lids work great here, but corks will work too," she said. "... Fill up the wine bottle, put the lid back on, then in the center of your bed, quickly flip the wine bottle over, and nestle it down into the soil."

She then gently twisted the bottle a few times to make sure it was securely in the soil. 

"This hack is especially great if you're leaving for vacation because the water slowly drips out of the bottle," she explained.  

How it's helping

Starting a garden may feel daunting, but this latest hack demonstrates how a little creativity can make maintaining one even more accessible. 

Those who have entered the gardening world have reaped a variety of benefits, with more than one study concluding that the activity has a positive impact on both physical and mental health.

Additionally, repurposing containers and growing your own food not only saves money but also reduces the amount of harmful pollution released into the atmosphere. 

A study published by ScienceDaily found transportation accounts for 19% of pollution from the food sector, and the United States joins Germany, France, and Japan in producing almost half of that pollution despite only having 12.5% of the global population.      

Meanwhile, the journal Nature notes that glass manufacturing is responsible for approximately 95 million tons of carbon pollution. 

Recycling can significantly cut that number, but unfortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency discovered that only 31.3% of glass in the U.S. stays out of landfills. 

What people are saying 

More than 2,500 people liked the clip on the social media platform and seemed eager to try the ingenious watering method. 

"I need to buy some wine for my plants," one TikToker wrote. 

"Time to enjoy some wine soon!" another commenter said. 

"Off to the recycle bin," someone else wrote, posting an emoji of a person running.

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