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Cleaning expert reveals 'unbelievable' trick to get rid of gunky buildup on faucets: '[I] need to do this ASAP'

This formula can save you a good amount of money for one major reason.

Clogged faucet, Way to unclog the faucet of your kitchen sink

Photo Credit: @problemsolvedshow / Instagram

A popular Instagrammer is showing viewers a cost-effective way to unclog the faucet of your kitchen sink. 

This simple hack may be just what we need to clean the gunky buildup and prevent additional trips to the store.  

The scoop

The narrator of the Reel, posted on the Instagram channel Problem Solved Show (@problemsolvedshow), which boasts over half a million followers, tells viewers that he "had to develop a patent pending formula" to get rid of the buildup in his faucet. 

He was obviously joking, but the simple hack appears to be quite powerful nevertheless, no patent needed. 

The video starts with the host showing us the faucet in his kitchen and how to fix the hard water buildup. 

He brings out a large bottle of white vinegar and subsequently pours it into a reusable ziplock bag before attaching it to the faucet using a tight rubber band. 

He then turns on the faucet, adding water to the bag with the vinegar.

After a few hours, he removes the bag, wipes the faucet with a sponge, and the problem of the buildup is solved. He then uses that sponge to clean the rest of the sink while he's at it. 

How it's helping

This formula can save you a good amount of money for one major reason: It uses tap water as a main ingredient. Sure, vinegar is also needed, but it's also very cheap. 

Most solutions for unclogging faucets and sinks are not only more expensive, but they're also toxic and harmful to the environment for a number of reasons. 

Chemical drain cleaners typically contain strong acids or alkalis that are designed to dissolve organic materials and clear clogs. These chemicals can be hazardous to our health, including severe burns and skin irritation if they come into contact with the skin or eyes. 

Inhaling their fumes can also lead to respiratory irritation and other health issues. 

Regarding the environment, when these chemicals are used, they go down the drain and enter wastewater systems, so it's best to avoid them. 

Vinegar can be an excellent non-toxic, healthier solution, as shown in the Reel.

What everyone's saying

One person wrote how "at home vinegar alone doesn't do the job. I need to mix citric acid (can be concentrated lemon juice) and vinegar." 

Another added, "I used this hack on my shower head. Left it overnight, because I have been in my apt for over 10 years. Unbelievable!" 

"[I] need to do this ASAP," another viewer expressed.

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