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Reddit post sparks conversation about affordable ways to stay warm in your home: 'Maybe I'll just have to suffer'

"I guess I'm just looking for some advice."

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For residents facing unusually low temperatures, the internet is full of helpful advice on how to stay warm during a freeze.

When one Reddit user posted in the r/Frugal subreddit in December, she was worried that dropping temperatures would soon make life in a mobile home unbearable. The Redditor is one of many dealing with colder weather than they're used to, as much of America has recently been chilled by changes in the polar vortex

This has left some people scrambling to find ways to stay warm in poorly insulated or unheated homes, just like the original poster's mobile home.

"I guess I'm just looking for some advice," the Redditor says in her post. "Maybe I'll just have to suffer through winter." 

But commenters didn't agree that u/latenightgrl needed to suffer. Instead, many users came through with valuable suggestions, including:

  1. Sleeping with something warm, like an electric blanket, hot water bottle, warm brick, or rice sock.

  2. Covering floors and walls with something soft, like rugs, to trap heat.

  3. Adding a tent or canopy to keep warm air close to the bed at night.

  4. Wearing a head covering like a cap or a handkerchief to sleep.

  5. Checking for drafts around doors and windows, and sealing them with insulation, duct tape, or rolled towels.

Not only are these tips unbeatable for keeping warm in a cold house, but they're also a great way to save money. Many of the above suggestions allow homeowners to comfortably turn the heat down without spending on electricity or fuel. 

Using less power for heating is also good for the environment, as it generates less heat-trapping gas that contributes to our planet's overheating. 

Above all, Redditors recommended insulation.

"Next spring check into subsided winterization. There are some organizations that offer free or lower costs help," says one user. 

Another offers several suggestions for DIY options. 

"Hang lots of giant rugs the way the Russians do in their apartments," they say. "The envelope between the actual window and the frame with the plastic really helps. You're basically building an additional layer of insulation between you and the window (as opposed to just insulating the window)."

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