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Suburban farmer presents simple hack for massive plant growth: 'The secret to growing monstrous tomato plants'

"What?! So glad I saw this."

"What?! So glad I saw this."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Before you start placing your tomato plants into the ground, consider trying out this simple gardening hack to increase your crop yield. 

TikTok gardener FarmingInTheBurbs (@farmingintheburbs) shares the secret to growing plump, healthy tomatoes. In a viral video, FarmingInTheBurbs claims this technique is "the one most important life hack to growing monstrous tomatoes."

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The scoop

Before placing your tomato plants in the ground, pinch off all the lower leaves. Remove all the leaves except the main stems branching off the top.

Removing the lower leaves exposes the little hairs on the plant's stem. Now when you plant your tomatoes, the little hairs will sprout into roots, supporting the growth of your tomatoes.

After removing all the lower leaves and exposing the little hairs, you can place your tomato plants into the ground, covering the majority of the stem with dirt. Bury the plant up to the top leaves so the plant can get more nutrients.

"The secret to growing monstrous tomato plants this summer!" says FarmingInTheBurbs. "It's time to get your garden ready. Before you put your tomatoes in the ground, follow this tip."

How it's helping

FarmingInTheBurbs is encouraging TikToker users around the globe to create their own home gardens. Growing your own produce is a great way to save money on groceries while also ensuring your fruits and vegetables are organic. 

Gardening has also been found to improve both your physical and mental health. Recent studies reveal that individuals who consistently tend to a garden report reduced levels of stress and higher levels of overall well-being. 

By gardening to get just some of your total produce, you also help decrease the demand for mass-produced, globally shipped items. Reducing the amount of food you purchase also helps to cut pollution by minimizing car trips to the store.

What everyone's saying

TikTokers were appreciative to discover the gardening hack and eager to share additional tips for growing healthy produce. 

"Wow after all my years gardening, learning this is amazing," wrote one user. 

"What?! So glad I saw this. Getting tomato plants today!" commented another TikToker.

"Now that you got that, search for companion plants," responded one gardener. "First year I did basil and marigolds with my tomatoes, and they are thriving."

"Brown thumb here. If they are in the ground, is it too late?" asked another user.

"If it's been less than a week, I would dig up and replant," responded FarmingInTheBurbs.

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