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Homeowner shares simple method to save on your energy bill throughout the seasons: 'There's usually a little switch'

You shouldn't have to burn through all your cash to keep warm in the winter.

You shouldn't have to burn through all your cash to keep warm in the winter.

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Even as inflation has dropped in recent months, electricity costs have remained stubbornly high, as Yahoo Finance reported

However, TikTok user Asset You Free (@assetyoufree) offered a few hacks to help lower your energy bill during winter — some of which can be useful year-round.

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The scoop

The TikToker shared five simple ways to maximize energy use and reduce electric and gas bills.

For the first tip, he said, "Open the shades on the sunny side of the house to let the warmth in."  

"Check the weather stripping on all exterior doors and replace if necessary," he shared next.

"Make sure your thermostat is programmed properly for all 24 hours and when you're not there," the money-savvy creator suggested, showing how he'd set his for various times throughout the day and night. 

For the fourth tip, he advised checking all your window seals to ensure there are no air leaks. 

"Switch your ceiling fan into reverse mode to push the hot air down and keep you warmer," he said for the final hack.

How it's helping

You shouldn't have to burn through all your cash to keep warm in the winter. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, air leaks through windows and doors to cause up to one-third of a home's heat loss. However, sealing up these leaks can save an average household up to $166 per year on energy bills. 

In addition, the NRDC reports that smart thermostats such as the one in the creator's video can save around $180 a year in energy costs. And even though it's tempting to crank up the heat in winter, turning it down 10-15 degrees overnight can shave about 10% off your electric bill.

Aside from the video's first and last tips, the hacks can also be applied in the summer since weatherstripping around doors and windows will keep hot air out. Switching your ceiling fan into its counterclockwise rotation in summer uses 90% less energy than central air conditioning does, making it a great way to reduce cooling costs. 

Reducing energy consumption with tips such as these can also contribute to a cleaner planet. 

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, nearly 25% of the energy produced globally goes toward heating and cooling buildings, adding roughly 441 million tons of planet-warming pollution to the atmosphere annually, according to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. 

You can keep more money in your wallet and contribute to a cooler future in other ways, including by switching to energy-efficient appliances such as induction stoves and heat pumps, installing solar panels, and weatherizing your home

Organizations such as WattBuy and Arcadia simplify switching to clean energy by helping you access nearby solar providers or community solar farms. 

What everyone's saying

One user had an important question about the fan hack: "How do I switch the fan mode?" they asked.

"Your fan has to have it on it. Check on the top and there's usually a little switch," the creator replied.

Thankfully, the user found it. "Best of luck and stay warm," the creator responded.

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