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Gardener demonstrates simple method to grow seemingly endless supply of protein-packed food: 'They grow very quickly'

"Now I know what to do this afternoon!"

"Now I know what to do this afternoon!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

The only thing better than lentils … is more lentils. Home gardener Simon Akeroyd (@simonakeroydgardener) posted a video explaining how to grow an endless supply of lentils using supermarket lentils as a starter, and viewers were inspired.

The scoop

Simon begins by taking his store-bought lentils and soaking them in water overnight. The next day, he finds a shallow tray — "I'm reusing my microwave meal for one packaging," he points out — and makes drainage holes in the bottom before filling it with peat-free compost. Then, he scatters the lentils on top, and just a few short days later, he has sprouts that are several inches tall.

"Leave on a sunny windowsill [and] they grow very quickly," he says.

@simonakeroydgardener Lentils are packed full of protein. Both #microgreens and the beans are so healthy and nutritional. I grow lentils outside in my garden in #Devon on the #EnglishRiviera . Grow lentils from the supermarket. #vegan #vegetarian #growyourown #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ Bohemian Like You - The Dandy Warhols

Commenters were amazed. "I have never seen a lentil plant!" one person wrote.

Simon points out that the lentils can be harvested at this stage to be eaten as microgreens, or they can be planted in the garden. He shows his own tall, bushy lentil plants, teeming with tiny pods. "You can pick and shell the pods to enjoy your own healthy lentil-based meals … [they're] packed full of protein."

Smiling, he gestures to his thriving garden. "Enjoy your homegrown lentils."

How it's helping

Other than the thrill of watching store-bought lentils come to life, there are several reasons why you should try growing your own produce.

Firstly, it's healthier. Produce loses nutritional value the more time it spends in transit, so fruits and veggies grown in your backyard will have more vitamins and minerals than the ones you could buy at the store. Many industrially grown crops also retain residue of harmful pesticides, which are linked to increased risk of cancers, developmental delays, and neurological issues. Additionally, tending to a garden is proved to keep people healthier and happier.

Growing your own food also keeps your money out of the harmful industrial farming complex, which — while it serves a purpose — is notorious for polluting our planet's soil, air, and water. Instead, planting a garden provides habitat and sustenance for local pollinators and wildlife

Finally, with seeds averaging just a few dollars, the savings you'll experience during a growing season start to add up quickly. You can even just take an extra cutting from store-bought herbs or produce and use it to grow your own supply of everything from mint to basil, strawberries, and even natural sponges

What everyone's saying

Commenters were eager to try Simon's lentil hack. "Wow impressive," one wrote. "Great idea!" echoed another.

"Now I know what to do this afternoon!" one person enthused.

If you're interested in trying a hand at growing your own food, check out TCD's info-filled guide and start reaping the benefits today.

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