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Gardener shares simple process for growing hearty carrots: 'That explains my lack of carrots'

"You can definitely get some oddly shaped carrots in hard soil."

"You can definitely get some oddly shaped carrots in hard soil."

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If you have ever tried to grow carrots, you know that you will often pull up skinny or short carrots after spending so long waiting to harvest. One gardening expert took to TikTok to give some tips for how to get bigger heartier carrots. 

The scoop

Jessica (@fromdreamtoseed) is a master gardener who shares tips, suggestions, and how-tos on YouTube and TikTok. In one video she takes viewers through her best tips for growing carrots, saying: "If you want to finally grow big carrots this year, here's how to get started."

@fromdreamtoseed Do THIS to grow big carrots! Carrots are probably the vegetable I get asked about the most. They can be tricky for beginner gardeners. Here are my best planting tips. Check back for more carrot tips this season! #carrots #plantingcarrots #growingcarrots #vegetablegarden #plantingvegetables #organicgardening #homegarden #kitchengarden #gardeningtips #gardeningtipsforbeginners ♬ Walking in the Air - Muspace Lofi

Jessica says, "The number one thing — you have to have loose soil." She grows her carrots in raised beds, but you can grow them in the ground if you loosen the soil first. This loose soil gives your carrot space to grow down and to a decent size. 

The creator's next tips are about germinating carrot seeds. Start by wetting your soil, then "dig a shallow trench no deeper than half an inch." To help ensure germination Jessica suggests heavily sowing the seeds so you have the best chances for seedlings to come up. She also says to make sure that you are covering the seeds in loose soil so they can push through to the surface. Once your young carrots come up, make sure you thin them out for hearty carrot success. 

Her final tip is to cover the carrot bed with burlap. "This keeps the soil from drying out. … it also protects them from birds and heavy rainfall," she explained. Jessica says to leave the burlap until your seedlings start to grow up through the spaces and then gently remove it. 

How it's helping

Growing food at home is a great way to save money and time at the grocery store. According to our guide, many gardeners will be able to save around $600 during the growing season. Another reason in particular to grow carrots is their health benefits; the Cleveland Clinic said they are a great source of vitamin A and are great for your eyes and heart. 

In addition to benefits for your health and wallet, gardening at home is a positive for the planet as well. In the United States, our food often has to travel quite far to reach our plates. According to the University of Michigan's Center for Sustainable Systems, "in an average U.S. household, eliminating the transport of food for one year could save the GHG [total greenhouse gas emissions] equivalent of driving 1,000 miles." 

Your home garden is unlikely to provide you with all the food you need, but every little bit helps the planet.

What everyone's saying

Commenters were happy to learn these carrot-growing tips. One person said: "Well! That explains my lack of carrots."

Another person wrote: "You can definitely get some oddly shaped carrots in hard soil. Still yummy but odd."

Someone else complimented the creator, saying, "You have grown the most impressive carrots I think I've ever seen." 

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