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Cleaning expert shows how you can make your grimy oven sparkle with just one household ingredient: 'I absolutely love this'

The smell is a huge benefit.

Oven sparkle, Lemon cleaning hack

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Deep cleaning your oven can be a pain, so finding ways to keep it cleaner for longer can help you put off this dreaded chore. One Instagrammer shared a hack using lemons to keep your oven clean and give your kitchen a fresh scent. 

The scoop

In a viral Instagram Reel, Muna Mijmeh (@my_styled_living) explains her favorite technique to sanitize her oven between deep cleanings — and all you need is lemons and water.

"I've done a video on how I deep clean my oven, but this is what I do in between those deep cleanings," she says. 

First, cut your lemons into quarters and place them in a baking dish. Fill the dish with water and place it in the oven at 250 degrees for 30 minutes. After you remove the baking dish, allow your oven to cool.

Once it is cool, dip a sponge into the lemon water and wipe down your oven. Lemon water is a great, non-toxic alternative to chemical cleaners. The lemons will also kill bacteria and cut through grease. 

How it's helping

Mijmeh's technique is an excellent way to keep your oven clean from everyday use. While baked-on food will call for a more intense clean, this technique is perfect for small spots and grease. 

Compared to chemical oven cleaners, lemon water is safer for your health and the environment. 

Oven cleaners often contain chemicals that can cause burns and irritation when exposed to the mouth, skin, eyes, or airways. To prevent this, you can avoid chemical cleaners altogether and try cleaning methods like Mijmeh's lemon technique or other alternatives using baking soda

Additionally, chemical cleaners can pollute the air and waterways when introduced to the environment. Many cleaners contain volatile organic compounds, which evaporate quickly at room temperature and can impact your health and the environment

What everyone's saying

With over one million views and 20,000 likes, commenters were thankful for this simple cleaning hack

"It must smell amazing! I have used this hack for microwave, and I love it," one Instagrammer wrote. 

"I absolutely love this," one user added. "Thanks for sharing."

Another Instagrammer said, "That is a great way to clean!"

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