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Homeowner reveals how they filled less than one trash bag after a massive party: 'We encouraged guests to regift'

"We even used small metal condiment tins as shot glasses!"

"We even used small metal condiment tins as shot glasses!”

When one Redditor decided to throw a housewarming party, they made a plan to feed their guests in a pretty non-traditional way. 

House parties are notorious for creating trash and filling garbage bags with paper napkins and solo cups. But one member of the r/LowWaste subreddit wanted to avoid all of that.

In their post, the user details their approach. 

"Bought 100 spoons, forks, and knives, serving utensils, serving trays, plates, and fabric napkins from thrift stores," they wrote, sharing a photo of a reusable cloth sack full of jumbled silverware. "I have my mass amount of assorted cups and mugs ... We even used small metal condiment tins as shot glasses!"

The Redditor's party is a stellar example of the r/LowWaste philosophy, which calls for "reducing waste and our carbon footprint." The 2,000 members share tips for minimizing the amount of garbage they produce so less waste goes to the landfill. 

Not only is this good for the environment, it often saves members money as they switch to reusable products and inexpensive secondhand options.

That was the case with the original poster's thrifted dishes. The Redditor also encouraged guests at the party to do the same. They write that they "had guests bring an ugly mug to drink out of," and add, "We encouraged guests to regift or buy from thrift shops."

Thrift store shopping has gotten plenty of praise as an effective way to stretch a budget while still getting beautiful, high-quality clothes, housewares, and other products. Many thrift stores offer their items for a tiny fraction of what they cost new — even if those pieces are new and brand-name, like these Le Creusets

Patient shoppers can find valuable treasures for just a few dollars apiece, build collections of stylish clothes and decor, or even outfit a whole home without breaking the bank; all it takes is the willingness to check stores regularly. Doing so sharply reduces the number of used goods that go in the trash each year.

The Redditor's party set an incredible example. 

"All in all we had less than one trash can of trash!" they wrote after the event.

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