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New homeowner bypasses HOA and replaces 'crappy sod' that builder put in: 'HOA can suck it'

"Giving your neighborhood some character."

"Giving your neighborhood some character."

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More and more people are starting to realize that there are better options for your yard than sod grass lawns. And one Redditor just displayed why with before-and-after photos of their newly transformed lawn.

"Top is the crappy sod the builder put in, bottom is the sustainable landscaping we replaced it with," they wrote. "No fertilizer, no mowing, and after this summer, no more watering."

homeowner bypasses HOA
Photo Credit: Reddit

As the lawn-transforming Redditor pointed out, sod grass lawns can be a giant hassle to maintain as they require regular mowing, watering, fertilizers, and more.

They are also bad for the environment — not only do they frequently involve the use of toxic pesticides, but they also waste tons of water and discourage ecological diversity, which harms pollinators and other forms of life in your area.

That's why more people are turning to native plant lawns instead of grass. And companies such as Yardzen are helping them get there, rewilding peoples' lawns with native, climate-adapted plant species. This allows homeowners to have more beautiful lawns that require less work to maintain and potentially save them money in the long run — all while helping the planet.

As for the Redditor with the transformed lawn, their fellow grass lawn-hating Redditors were very impressed.

"If your goal is not to have to water this is amazing," wrote one commenter.

"Bravo for giving your neighborhood some character!" wrote another.

"Awesome. HOA can't give you s*** about this either," wrote a third. To that last comment, the original poster replied, "Ya we just put it in and didn't tell anyone beforehand, HOA can suck it."

If there is one major enemy of the anti-sod grass lawn movement, it is the dreaded homeowners association (HOA). HOAs are notoriously inflexible when it comes to anything that disrupts the uniformity of a neighborhood, despite all the great benefits of a rewilded lawn.

Hopefully, this homeowner can keep up their newly transformed lawn without too much trouble from the local HOA.

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