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Shopper left speechless in thrift shop after finding item they spent years searching for: 'I had actual tears in my eyes when I found it'

"It's even the color I wanted."

"It's even the color I wanted."

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There's an indescribable feeling of finding the perfect piece at a thrift store — and getting a great deal on it. One shopper is showing off their latest find in the r/ThriftStoreHauls forum. 

The poster shared a photo of their Hollywood Regency Tulip Lamp, which they noted was purchased for a mere $25. These vintage lamps can sell for several hundred dollars on retail and resale websites like eBay

In the post's comments section, the Reddit user explained that the lamps date back to the 1970s and 1980s. The beautiful lamp was inspired by Hollywood Regency, a mid-20th century period that takes a page from the playbook of Hollywood glam and the cinema. Other elements of the era include layered textures, high-gloss surfaces, and accents like fur and velvet.

"It's even the color I wanted."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The poster's find wasn't just a good deal for a vintage piece that will last for many years, but it also helped reduce the need to create new lamps in the process. 

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Buying items from a thrift store, consignment shop, or resale outlet minimizes the need to create novel items, thus decreasing the need for resources like glass, metal, and plastic. In turn, buying recycled goods also keeps waste out of landfills, where it would otherwise sit for many, many years, unloved and untouched. 

Other Reddit users were impressed by the poster's find. 

"I cannot express the level of jelly i am right now it's GORGEOUS," one commenter wrote

The original poster said, "I had tears in my eyes when I found it! It's even the color I wanted."

Other users were excited that the Redditor was able to find a great deal on a piece they had their eye on. 

"I'm so glad someone who really wanted one of these lamps didn't overpay for it. Perfect!" another user replied.

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