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Homeowner plans retaliation after HOA blocks proposal for home upgrade: 'Just let them pound sand'

"It doesn't stop them from making the rules and hoping people don't know better."

"It doesn't stop them from making the rules and hoping people don't know better."

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One frustrated homeowner took to Reddit to blow off steam about the possibility that their homeowners association might block their solar panel installation.

"This is all hypothetical, of course, but let's say I asked our HOA to allow solar panels on our roof and they declined," the original poster said.

It's a sadly common problem now that more and more homes are being built with HOAs already in place. For example, more than 40% of Colorado homes fall under an HOA's authority. And, unfortunately, many HOAs are against solar panels and other money-saving, environmentally responsible renovations — mostly for cosmetic reasons.

The homeowner was annoyed that they would likely be blocked, but they did try to have a sense of humor about the situation, suggesting that they might get an antenna instead just to frustrate the HOA. Still, it wasn't their first choice. 

"Obviously this would be easier if they just allowed the solar panels," they said.

While many commenters replied with the federal guidelines governing antennas, a few encouraged the homeowner to not to give up on solar. 

"What state are you in? In many places restrictions on solar are not enforceable," one user pointed out. "It doesn't stop them from making the rules and hoping people don't know better, but if that is the case in your area you may be able to … just let them pound sand."

Some homeowners have been able to install solar panels over their HOAs' protests in California, North Carolina, Virginia, and other states with solar access laws protecting homeowners. 

This gives people control over their own property, allows them to save money on their power bills and even make money from the excess power they generate, and benefits the environment by reducing the demand for other polluting power sources.

Unfortunately, the original poster wasn't that lucky. 

"Pennsylvania, so no solar rights laws yet," they said when asked where they live.

However, they still have options. HOAs are made up of homeowners — and if enough homeowners agree, HOAs offer ways to change the rules about allowing solar. 

If you want to give it a shot in your own neighborhood, check out this guide to get started.

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