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Homeowners share excitement after local government prohibits HOAs from forcing them into specific lawn upkeep: 'Honestly shocked that this wasn't already a thing'

"We love to see it!"

"We love to see it!"

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Maine recently introduced a bill that would prevent restrictive policies from homeowners associations with lawn upkeep and allow homeowners to create sustainable wildlife habitats in their yards, and members of Reddit's r/NoLawns community were certainly happy about it.

Last year, the Maine Senate passed a bill specifically to allow homeowners to plant native plants on their property. 

"This bill prohibits certain restrictions on landscaping techniques that conserve water, lower maintenance costs, provide pollution prevention and create habitat for wildlife," the summary of the bill reads. "The restrictions that are prohibited are those that would increase costs, decrease efficiency or require the use in whole or in part of turf grass."

"This bill helps protect Mainers who are planting yards and gardens that are better for our environment, public health and pollinators," said senator Mattie Daughtry. "In a world of declining biodiversity and increasing species extinction, I firmly believe that passing this bill will make a difference."

Throughout the country, many homeowners have felt restrained by strict HOA rules and regulations that prohibit them from introducing updates to their homes that are eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Many homeowners have faced issues with adopting solar panels in their homes, like a homeowner who was tired of spending too much money on winter heating and another homeowner in Virginia who was surprised to learn their HOA had been violating the law. Strict HOA guidelines on solar energy can prevent homeowners from saving tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Other homeowners have faced similar issues with installing electric vehicle chargers, which can save drivers $1,000 each year, and native habitats

Native plant habitats can help preserve biodiversity by providing needed shelter, food, and pollen for local wildlife. Native flowers are also low maintenance, requiring less harmful pesticides and watering because the plants are adapted to their local climate. 

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"I'm honestly shocked that this wasn't already a thing," one person reflected.

"We love to see it! Having a state law that superceded restrictions from HOAs is a big win for meadowscapers and no-lawners everywhere," commented another user.

TCD has a great set of guides for making your yard more eco-friendly. If you are looking to make changes to a property governed by an HOA, check out TCD's HOA guide

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