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Homeowners seek advice in response to apparent inaction of HOA: 'It's been 8 months now since last communication'

"This has been a whole mess and my husband and I are fed up."

"This has been a whole mess and my husband and I are fed up."

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Homeowners associations are notorious for causing problems for residents who want to make climate-conscious home upgrades, such as installing rooftop solar panels or native lawns. Still, most HOAs at least make an effort to communicate with homeowners.

One homeowner took to the r/f***HOA subreddit to vent their frustration and confusion about their HOA apparently going MIA. 

In their post, they explained that they'd had issues with the HOA from the start when they wanted to install solar panels and replace their roof. However, that seemed to pale in comparison to their next problem.

After sending a large money order to the HOA and asking to be notified when they received it, they never heard anything back, even after sending multiple emails.

"It's been 8 months now since last communication. The website hasn't been updated since 2017-2018," the OP said in the post. That raises some red flags. They added that the community had fallen into disrepair and neglect, making them wonder what their dues paid for. 

The homeowners noticed signs around the neighborhood with two different HOA names, but they couldn't find them on state government websites. 

Understandably, the homeowner was desperate for help and reached out to the Reddit community for guidance. 

"We contacted multiple lawyers, but have heard no response. So we sent an email to our DA's office. I know I labeled this as 'Rant' but if there's any advice anybody has to offer, I would be extremely grateful to hear it. This has been a whole mess and my husband and I are fed up," they said. 

"Did you keep the receipt for the money order? You can find out if it has been negotiated. If not, you may be able to get your money back," someone suggested.

Another advised, "This is an opportunity to take it over. I'd even try reporting them to the appropriate state body." 

Another seconded that option, saying they should run for the HOA board, dissolve the expired positions, and make it voluntary. 

Unfortunately, the OP never gave an update on the situation, but hopefully, they were able to contact their HOA and get answers. 

If you're having problems with your HOA, whether it's a lack of communication or restrictive rules, our guide can help you navigate the often confusing world of HOAs and create positive changes in your community. 

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