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Shopper scores iconic Herman Miller chairs for just $100 on Facebook Marketplace: 'God bless the church basement clean out'

Herman Miller Eames chairs can run anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Herman Miller Eames chairs

Photo Credit: u/thethriftgods/ Reddit

Lady Luck visited a Reddit user recently after they spotted a deal on Facebook Marketplace. These three iconic Herman Miller shell cushioned chairs were sold along with an oak table for only $75.

When the find made its way to the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, hundreds came to view these spectacular Herman Miller pieces in their thrifted glory. "God bless the church basement clean out," the post said above the images of their incredible discovery. 

Herman Miller's Eames Shell Chairs became popular in the 1950s after nearly 20 years of designing, redesigning, and prototyping. The first time a variation of this style of chair appeared to the public was in 1948, when designer Charles Eames entered one of the chairs into the Museum of Modern Art's International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design. After winning second place, he and his wife, Ray, continued redesigning their chairs to find the perfect iteration.

Nowadays, the Herman Miller Eames Chairs can run anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Many vintage lovers and thrifters keep an eye out for this brand in hopes of lucking out with a lower price, but few are this lucky. Getting three Herman Miller chairs and an additional sturdy table for $75 is more than a steal — and it's better for the environment than buying a similar design at full price.

Thrifting is a terrific practice to adopt to lower your carbon footprint. Buying used items saves pieces that might have been thrown into a landfill or left to clutter the side of the road. You are also saving valuable resources, as items made nowadays use up a lot of electricity and water. Plus, thrifting helps fend off any chemical pollution and keeps our air and our greenery healthy.

Many commenters on the post are ecstatic over the find. "Blessed be the fruit…ful abundance of mod-style chairs," said an excited fellow thrifter.

"Definitely a win for the books," noted another.

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