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Bargain hunter snags iconic vintage chairs for thousands of dollars off their sale price: 'This is a steal'

"You almost always get it for less than you would normally buy it for."

Herman Miller chairs

Photo Credit: u/rabit_stroker/ Reddit

Herman Miller's chair designs are iconic, including the Nelson Coconut Chairs — which one happy Redditor scored at a Goodwill auction for an unbelievable price.

"A Pair of Nelson Coconut Lounge chairs I won at a goodwill auction for $115," the Redditor captions the image that shows off the designer chairs. The image shows off the chairs in the Redditor's home. They look as good as new. 

The Nelson Coconut chair is an iconic statement piece. It was first designed in 1955 by George Nelson, then the director of design of the Herman Miller furniture company. The Nelson part of the name speaks to the designer. And the coconut? That comes from the chair's shape. 

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Purchased new, just one of the chairs will cost you a whopping $3,795. Even used, they can set you back thousands. 

The Goodwill auction is a great place to find a range of items, not just furniture. From vintage decor to clothing, home furnishings, and more, you can save a significant amount of money when shopping secondhand.

Another reason to score gently used furniture? All of the chemicals that can be released by new furniture are typically gone from secondhand pieces, making them safer for your indoor air. 

One Redditor also had high praise for the Goodwill auctions, calling them "incredible." "Everyone underbids so if you just go $50-100 over what you think other people are bidding you almost always get it for less than you would normally buy it for," they write.

"Wow, this is a steal," writes one user. "They look frickin great in that room too. Well done."

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