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Home gardener shares stunning transformation photo after turning their old vacuum into an 'adorable' planter: 'I love this'

"That is awesome."

Henry vacuum into an 'adorable' planter

Photo Credit: iStock

A thrifty gardener found a Henry vacuum dumped in the bushes and turned it into a home for plants.

The individual shared an image of their find and transformation in the Reddit community r/upcycling, which has 190,000-plus members and explains, "Upcycling is reusing waste or unwanted materials without destroying them in order to create something new."

"My wife has wanted one of these for ages," the Redditor wrote in the comments section of their post. 

The image on display appears at first to be a large red planter with a smiley face etched into it, but upon closer look, you can tell it used to be part of an industrial vacuum cleaner with wheels attached to the bottom. 

old vacuum into an 'adorable' planter
Photo Credit: u/satsumanightmare / Reddit

Turning what was once trash into something useful can save consumers money while also helping to save the planet. 

Finding discarded items and reusing them is a form of thrifting, whether the item was found at a Goodwill or in the woods. Studies have found that thrifting can save shoppers $1,700 a year.

Now on to the planet-saving part. American households produce nearly 300 million tons of trash per year, much of which does not get recycled and ends up in landfills.

Then there's gardening, which also offers a host of benefits for homeowners and the environment. 

Again, this practice can definitely save you money if you grow your own food, as it can save you numerous trips to the supermarket while promoting health in the form of exercise and the simple act of eating package-free plant-based foods. 

Also, the simple act of living near plants has been shown to offer health benefits, as plants and trees tend to boost our well-being in numerous, and sometimes mysterious, ways. 

Those who saw the picture had plenty to say. 

"I love this more than anything else in the world," one commenter wrote.

 "Okay well that is frigging awesome. I love it!" another added.

This Redditor brought some life into the comment section. "Awww Henry looks so pleased with his new lease of life, brilliant!" 

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