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Traditional makeup removers can cause serious skin irritation — but this 'superfood product' could change that

Hemp seed oil, also simply called hemp oil, is a greenish oil pressed from hemp seed husks.

Hemp seed oil, also simply called hemp oil, is a greenish oil pressed from hemp seed husks.

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Removing makeup is a vital part of any beauty regimen. According to the UPMC Department of Dermatology, leaving cosmetics on overnight can lead to multiple skin problems. 

But harsh makeup removers can cause irritation. That's why some outlets, like Cannabis MD, now recommend using a gentler, healthier alternative: hemp seed oil.

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil, also simply called hemp oil, is a greenish oil pressed from the seed husks of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. Because hemp and cannabis are very closely related, hemp seed oil contains many of the same beneficial compounds that cannabis oil does (but does not contain CBD or THC). 

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Hemp seed oil is seen as a "superfood product," as Cannabis MD puts it. The outlet notes that hemp oil has been sold legally in health food stores for decades. 

Why remove makeup with hemp seed oil?

Leaving makeup on your skin overnight can lead to clogged pores, acne, dull skin, and puffiness. It's important to remove all cosmetics from your skin and eyelashes every night. 

Hemp seed oil does this in a gentle way. It doesn't dehydrate the skin or require scrubbing — instead, it acts as an excellent natural moisturizer.

Hemp oil doesn't clog skin pores, which can lead to breakouts. The oil's fatty acids and anti-inflammatory compounds in the oil can help maintain healthy skin. 

Is hemp sustainable?

Since hemp is a weed, it can grow prolifically without the need for tons of water and additional pesticides or fertilizers. Hemp can also remove five times more carbon pollution from the air than trees, meaning it is effectively a carbon-negative material (i.e. growing hemp removes more carbon pollution from the air than the pollution that is released while manufacturing and processing goods made with it.)

Hemp's versatility and affordability make it a popular sustainable solution. It can be used in beauty products, clothing, and even house insulation.

How to use hemp seed oil for makeup removal

Cannabis MD recommends using slightly warm oil for the process and starting by placing a few drops onto your fingertips. From there, massage the oil into your face, making circular motions over your skin. 

To remove mascara, close your eyes and apply a similar motion to your eyelashes. You can use a cotton pad or a muslin cloth to wipe away all the excess oil and makeup.

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