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Distraught homeowner seeks advice after receiving wrong material they thought was garden soil: 'I want to cry'

"Gardening is a never-ending experiment. Keep at it!"

"Gardening is a never-ending experiment. Keep at it!"

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A new gardener raced to Reddit for help after realizing they were victim to a mix up that was difficult to reverse. 

They explained in a post to r/vegetablegardening that they'd been sent topsoil instead of garden mix and only noticed after they'd finished planting. 

"I want to cry," they wrote. "I have already complained to [the] company but now I don't know what to do. … My partner was the one putting in the soil so I didn't notice that there was an issue. Only noticed the label on the bag after. Should I remove all that dirt and then replant them in the garden mix dirt I was originally going to?"

Fortunately, fellow Redditors were quick to assure the original poster that their garden would be fine. The vast majority recommended compost, which improves plant and soil health, and several others suggested fertilizer and mulch for similar reasons. 

"It will be fine. Just keep adding good stuff to it," one person commented. "Gardening is a never ending experiment. Keep at it!"

"These comments are making me feel better," the original poster replied. "Thank you for your advice."

As these Redditors illustrated, cultivating an edible plant garden can be doable and worthwhile. Gardening can potentially save money on produce, and it's a sustainable activity. When being intentional about working with native plants, we make an even more positive impact on the environment. 

Beyond composing a beautiful space and bearing yummy produce, native plants create food and shelter for local wildlife and a healthier ecosystem for pollinators all year round. This ultimately benefits humans, as pollinators protect our food supply. 

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If you're less enthusiastic about the idea of growing your own produce, there are other eco-friendly, low-maintenance ways to rewild your yard. These include buffalo grass — which is native to North America — and xeriscaping, both of which will save you money on your water bill. 

After assuaging the original poster's fears, Redditors' other main encouragement had nothing to do with garden health and everything to do with justice. 

"The only thing I find wrong is you paid for garden soil and got top soil," one person commented. "If there is a price difference, you should get a refund at least."

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