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Gardener shares before-and-after photos after transforming 'hell strip' into pollinator's paradise: 'Really amazing work'

"That hell strip looks so nice, you really can't call it a hell strip anymore."

"That hell strip looks so nice, you really can't call it a hell strip anymore."

Photo Credit: Reddit

A Reddit user in Portland, Oregon, recently shared their inspiring transformation with the r/NativePlantGardening community.

The post, titled "How it started vs. how it's going," features three photos documenting the incredible transformation of a barren strip of dirt between the sidewalk and road into a thriving native plant garden.

This type of lawn area, often referred to as a "hell strip" because of its challenging growing conditions and maintenance requirements, is a common headache for homeowners. This Redditor, however, found a beautiful and eco-friendly solution by planting a diverse array of native species.

Photo Credit: Reddit

In a follow-up comment, the user shared the impressive list of perennials they incorporated into their hell strip haven: "Oregon Sunshine, Yarrow, Meadow Checkermallow, Douglas Aster, Canada Goldenrod, Showy Milkweed, Oregon Stonecrop, Nodding Onion, Common Camas, Kinnikinnick, Birch Leafed Spirea, and Red-Flowering Currant."

By opting for native plants, this savvy gardener not only created a stunning visual display but also reaped numerous environmental and financial benefits. Native plant lawns require less water, fertilizer, and maintenance compared to traditional grass lawns, leading to significant savings on water bills and lawn care expenses, per the University of Nevada, Reno Extension.

Moreover, native plants provide critical habitat and food sources for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. By supporting these essential species, native plant gardens contribute to a healthier ecosystem and protect our food supply, as pollinators play a vital role in crop production.

The Reddit community was quick to praise the user's impressive results.

"Really amazing work!" one commenter shared. "I'm currently working on my own native garden, and this gives me a lot of hope."

Another added: "Whoa! That hell strip looks so nice, you really can't call it a hell strip anymore. Pollinator paradise."

Others appreciated the aesthetics of the transformed space, with one user commenting: "Great job, the third shot is my favorite; great texture and color combinations. Your habitat log looks very tasteful, and the plants aren't impeding the sidewalk."

This inspiring Reddit post showcases the power of native plants to transform challenging spaces into beautiful, eco-friendly gardens. By embracing native species, even in small areas such as hell strips, homeowners can enjoy lower maintenance costs, conserve water, and support crucial pollinator populations.

As more people discover the benefits of native plant gardening, we can look forward to a future filled with thriving, sustainable landscapes.

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