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Texas tenant forced to endure 'unlivable' conditions during unprecedented heat wave: 'That seems inhumane'

"I work from home, so no escaping it either."

Without AC during unprecedented heat wave

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One Redditor claimed they were suffering through the Texas heat wave when their landlord delayed fixing their air conditioner by two weeks.

The last eight years have been the hottest ever recorded, and experts predict that the next five will keep getting hotter. Texas in particular has been experiencing a massive heat wave, with most of the state under a heat alert, making this Redditor's struggle particularly alarming. 

"My air conditioner went out," the user said in a post on r/mildlyinfuriating. "Texas is in a heat advisory. It was 95 [degrees Fahrenehit] inside my house today." They even included a picture of their thermostat as proof.

Heat wave
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In a comment, the user explained that 95 was the inside temperature. Outside, the heat index was a dangerous 117 degrees Fahrenheit. 

"An elderly gentleman in the neighborhood across from mine passed away from heat stroke two days ago," they said, underscoring just how urgent their situation was.

But despite that fact, their landlord was slow to fix the issue. 

"Landlord says it won't be fixed until the end of June," they said. In a comment, they added, "They claim all the companies they have called in the area are booked until the end of the month. Oddly enough, a friend's air conditioner went out today and they had a company out the same day."

According to the Redditor, their options for beating the heat were limited. 

"I work from home, so no escaping it either," they said.

Commenters were appalled at the situation. 

"That seems inhumane," said one user.

"That's WAAAY more than mildly infuriating," said another. "That's unlivable."

One Redditor, who said they lived in Arizona, said that if they were in the original poster's position, they'd get a lawyer to send the landlord a notice "regarding their violation of the landlord tenant law and my intent to either pay for a faster repair, buy a portable unit, or go to a hotel and deduct the cost from future rent."

Other users thought the fastest way to fix the problem would be for the original poster to buy an air conditioner of their own. 

"If you have the funds, I would buy a portable unit like they use in campers and on boats," suggested one commenter. "You can always sell it later or keep it for emergencies."

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