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Makeup artist on TikTok shows how to create 3 eye-popping graphic liner looks with Lady Gaga's clean beauty brand

"Just received this gorgeous shade in the mail today."

“Just received this gorgeous shade in the mail today."

Photo Credit: @hausLabs / TikTok

A representative for Haus Labs (@hauslabs) posted a video showing how to get the most out of the company's gorgeous Optic Intensity Eco Eyeliner.

Haus Labs, Lady Gaga's makeup brand, relaunched in 2022, partnering with Sephora to deliver what it calls "supercharged clean artistry makeup." By "clean," the company means that its products are free of more than 2,700 ingredients found in many other makeup brands that it claims are unhealthy to users or harmful to the environment. 

Besides health and eco-friendliness, the brand is geared toward exciting, artistic looks in bright colors. To help users get started, the company posted this eyeliner tutorial on TikTok.

@hauslabs 3 ways to rock #graphicliner using Optic Intensity Eco Eyeliner in 'Navy Matte' 〰️ Draw the line in 18 high pigment shades on #HausLabs #eyelinertutorial #beautyhack #cleanbeauty ♬ son original - ❕𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐦𝐞 ❕

Haus Labs' makeup artist starts by selecting a blue "Navy Matte" liner, rather than the typical black or brown. To vary the look even further, she demonstrates several different eyeliner shapes: a floating crease, a reverse cat eye, and a variation on a graphic arrow. 

Each of these styles uses tapered curves and strategic smudging to accentuate the shape of the eye — while putting an adventurous twist on the traditional winged liner. For a little more, Haus Labs suggests using one of its seventeen other "high pigment shades."

For lovers of dramatic makeup, switching to Haus Labs may be a healthy choice. The brightly-colored cosmetics are designed to "optimize performance with skincare," according to the brand's site, and they're also designed to minimize irritation on sensitive skin. 

🗣️ Which eco-friendly initiative would make you most likely to buy products from a clean beauty brand?

🔘 Using less plastic packaging 🗑️

🔘 Using more organic ingredients 🌿

🔘 Recycling empty containers 🫙

🔘 I don't buy clean beauty products 🚫

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At the same time, both the makeup ingredients and the packaging are safe for plants and animals in the environment, derived from renewable plant-based sources instead of limited resources like oil. The packaging is completely recyclable, too. 

Commenters were enthusiastic about the captivating blue eyeliner in the tutorial. 

"Just received this gorgeous shade in the mail today! [Love] my blues!" one commenter writes. 

Another adds, "Love this color!!!!" 

Other commenters reached out for options to suit their own eye colors. 

"Yes, warm tones like Bronze, Deep Cocoa, and Sienna will contrast & make blue eyes pop!" Haus Labs writes in a reply. "But truly, wear any color that makes you feel beautiful."

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