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Woman shares brilliant hack for removing build-up hard water stains from your dishes: 'No freaking way'

"I did this and it's awesome."

Hack for removing hard water stains

Photo Credit: @lindseyjrodriguez/ Tiktok

TikToker @lindseyjrodriguez has shared her go-to lifehack for getting your dishes squeaky clean and sparkling –– and it couldn't be easier. 

The scoop

@lindseyjrodriguez #stitch with @thelifebath Recycle unused lemons for cleaning your dishes ! #hincher #lifehack #fyp #toptip #cleaningtipsandhacks ♬ original sound - Menopause Mentor

This hack is the easy answer to any hard water stains you just can't seem to eliminate. The video shows Rodriguez placing lemon halves skin side up in her dishwasher, and then pulling out a beautifully clean glass. 

The citric acid from the lemon gently removes stains as your dishwasher does its normal cycle, without all of the chemicals and packaging typically involved in dishwashing products. 

How it's helping

There are many benefits to this simple solution and to swapping out chemical cleaning products for natural solutions more broadly. Opting for natural cleaning options is good for your wallet and the planet.

The financial advantages of using natural household products to substitute far more expensive cleaning products are clear. It's as simple as you not spending that extra $10 - $15 or so on a bottle of soap –– and instead using the natural products, such as lemons, that you already have on hand. 

The planet also benefits from this choice. For one, many of the cleaning products we often find on store shelves come in containers made from non-sustainable materials such as plastic. When fewer of these containers and products are purchased, plastic waste is reduced. Additionally, fewer chemical cleaning solutions mean fewer toxins enter the environment. This benefits you, your loved ones, and the environment, as the toxins in unnatural cleaning products can lead to skin conditions and respiratory infections. 

In the case of this particular cleaning hack, you're able to reap all of these benefits with lemon leftovers you would have otherwise thrown away.  

What everyone's saying

While some are reacting with pure excitement and eagerness to try this hack out for themselves, others are sharing their own pro tips and curiosities. 

"No freaking way?! Seriously?! Wow!! I'm living in a bubble!!" commented one user.

One user saw this lemony glow-up as a chance to ditch their current cleaning products, "Does that mean I won't have to buy lemi shine anymore?" wrote another. 

Other TikTokers left comments with their very own lemon-repurposing hacks. 

"You can also place a bowl of water with lemons halves in the microwave press 3 minutes and u get a clean microwave," wrote one commenter.

"I use the lemons in my garage disposal to freshen it," said another.

Some users took this video as a call to action and tried it out for themselves, with wonderful results. 

"I did this and it's awesome !! Thanks for posting," noted one viewer.

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