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Gardener shares hack for planting greenery in an unexpected part of your yard: 'This has given me some ideas'

"They're looking like they're in really good condition."

Hack for turning old gutters into planters

Photo Credit: @plants_n_gardens/ Tiktok

Adding flowers to your property is the perfect way to spruce things up and add some color, and one TikToker just showed off an extra creative idea — turning your fence into a planter. 

The scoop 

The TikTok Plants 'n' Gardens posts a variety of nature-related videos, including tips on gardening and cooking with fresh ingredients. 

One of their videos features a creative hack to spruce up your old fence and find a use for your old gutters.

@plants_n_gardens 🌱 This gutter planter has been used for alpines and has given me some ideas for my garden! 🌱 #plantsngardens 🌱 #gardeninghacks #gardeningideas #alpines #gutterplanter ♬ original sound - Plants 'n' Gardens 🌱

The hack involves cutting gutters to fit into the space between the top two rails on a fence and filling them with soil and Alpine plants. The result is a fence that blends in perfectly with the nature around it. 

"They're looking like they're in really good condition," the TikToker says as they pan across the bright, healthy plants. 

If you're interested in gardening or growing small plants like this, check out this article with a hack on how to keep bugs away from your garden or this fertilizer hack. 

How it's helping 

Getting imaginative with gardening is a great way to tap into your creativity and add some natural color to your property. Even if you don't have a fence that would allow this sort of planter, it can provide inspiration for how you could make use of old materials like gutters to add some greenery and flowers to your apartment or home.

You also could do this with a variety of small plants, but Alpine plants are a possible choice because they're hardy, small, and low maintenance — making them the perfect option for a small project like this. The Alpine Garden Society described them as "easy to grow in the garden with minimal maintenance."

Plus, according to Schulte's Greenhouse and Nursery, gardening is beneficial for mental and physical health — it can lower stress levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol — and it can help decrease the effects of depression. 

The original poster was inspired by the idea and the potential benefits. 

"This gutter planter has given me some ideas for my garden!" they wrote in the caption. 

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