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Bargain hunter discovers $2,000 Gucci bag selling for $80 at local thrift store: 'Really excellent find'

Sometimes, the perfect gift just appears.

Gucci bag

Photo Credit: r/ThriftStoreHauls /Reddit

Many of us have been faced with a moment when we ask ourselves, "What can I give the person who gave me life?" Shopping for parents is hard.

Of course, sometimes, magic happens. Sometimes, the perfect gift just appears. Sometimes, you get lucky.

For one Redditor, this is one of those times.

Gimme that Gucci

In a recent humblebrag, a Redditor posted to r/ThriftStoreHauls to share a recent find: a vintage Gucci handbag they found at a thrift shop. Finding a vintage Gucci in great condition is one thing. Finding a vintage Gucci bag in great condition for $80 is another. 

(This bag is listed as high as $1,950 online, FYI). 

Worthy of even a not-so-humble brag, this thrift store find cleaned up nicely and became a Christmas gift to the buyer's mother. We didn't see an update on mom's reaction to this gorgeous gift, but it's hard to imagine anything other than a big smile.

Fellow Reddit users seemed stunned by the find.

"Omg, and [in] perfect condition too! A gorgeous find! Your mom will love it," one user wrote.

"Really excellent find, I'm actually going thrifting today I hope I'm even half as lucky as you," said another.

Patience and persistence pay

Thrifting can turn up a lot of treasures, but it's certainly not guaranteed. You may go on thrift store hunts and come home empty-handed, as many often do, particularly if you're looking for something specific. But, if you have patience and persistence and see the search as an adventure, you may find a special piece of your own.

What's your favorite #ThriftStoreHaul?

Opting to thrift is like a gift to the Earth. Sure, we live in an era when everything is available at our fingertips. But that newness comes at a cost, as stores, landfills, and developing countries are full of unsold items.

Before you buy new, try thrifting instead. Not only can you make a treasure hunt out of checking out your favorite shops, but you'll also get unique pieces that you won't see just anywhere. A circular economy helps reduce waste and emissions while giving great items a second life.

Oh, and don't forget to share your finds on r/ThriftStoreHauls and inspire others to do the same.

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