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Gardener reveals 'the easy way' to maximize short growing periods: 'This way you don't lose any time'

"Thank you for sharing your skills for a successful harvest."

"Thank you for sharing your skills for a successful harvest."

Photo Credit: Reddit

There are many ways to grow a garden.

All this gardener wants is for you to be inspired. A nice side benefit is that you could reap sugar snap peas.

The scoop

A Redditor shared "the easy way" to grow peas in raised garden beds. In the r/vegetablegardening thread, they showed their process with a video demonstration.

"Thank you for sharing your skills for a successful harvest."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"Thank you for sharing your skills for a successful harvest."
Photo Credit: Reddit

It's a slow burn with a smooth beat. To recap: Soak two dozen peas in water for 12 hours, strain the water, put the peas on a paper towel and dampen it, wrap them up, and put the package in a sealed bag for three days. At this point, they should have sprouted.

Then, plant them one inch deep in soil, nurture the seedlings, feed them Morbloom as soon as they flower, and "pick early and often to encourage a larger harvest."

By day 10, the Redditor's produce had grown well above the soil, and five days later, the sprouts were tall enough to require stakes. By day 25, they had really gotten going, and day 30 showed fully mature plants. 

The poster advised using homemade compost with grass clippings and leaves and avoiding overhead watering "to prevent powdery mildew."

How it's helping

Raised-bed gardening is popular for many reasons, but they all boil down to one thing: success. Raised beds offer manageability and provide optimal conditions via great drainage and easy pest control. Hugelkultur, in particular, has really taken off, if social media is a fair barometer.

But no matter how you tend your garden, the activity in itself is sure to give you a boost.

Studies have shown gardeners are healthier than non-gardeners because they engage in more exercise and eat more fiber. Community gardening has also proved to reduce stress and increase optimism, self-esteem, and well-being.

If you're partaking in gardening to grow your own food, you can also save money and reduce your pollution output.

What everyone's saying

"Looking out my window and seeing my peas, the ones that did sprout, and after watching this video I think, 'Now I know what to do!'" one user wrote. "Thanks for the knowledge and the video!"

The creator responded: "Thanks and this is why we all share. Not that it's new but sometimes it helps just to see the process. For something like snap peas timing is everything since we only have a short window to grow them each season in Georgia zone 8A. This way you don't lose any time and you maximize your harvest."

Many other commenters matched the poster's energy.

"[Your] video has given me the confidence to find a spot to grow peas," one said. "Thank you for sharing your skills for a successful harvest. That song is perfect and gave me the calm energy I needed. Have a wonderful day!"

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