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These unbelievable, Hobbit-inspired homes can be hand-built in just 3 days — here's how to get one

They also use up to 70% less energy than standard homes.

Green Magic Homes

Want to live in a Hobbit-inspired home that blends into the landscape? Turns out you can — and it only takes three days to construct.

According to InHabitat, these eco homes, called Green Magic Homes, are made of panels that are manufactured in sections before being transported, which allows homeowners to assemble them incredibly easily. The pre-made panels consist of layers of fibers that help increase the strength of the building material. 

Photo Credit: Green Magic Homes

This innovative design seeks to create quick, easy, and environmentally-conscious ways of building homes without the need for special skills or equipment.

Each panel wall is confined and reinforced by soil, slotting them into the landscape surrounding the build. 

Once in place, the panels are screwed and sealed together with ease due to the flaps on the panels with premade holes. Thanks to this feature, these green homes can be constructed pretty much anywhere with very limited materials and time needed. In fact, they reduce materials at the construction site by 60% compared to a regular build. 

As it is so efficient and easy to construct, the homes can be changed and adapted to suit each homeowner. You might decide to start off with a few panels and modules before expanding as your needs change. After all, you only need three eager workers and three spare days to build one from scratch.

The impressive factors don't stop there, as these magic homes are also friendly to the environment. The technology is designed to work with the earth by slotting into the landscape and stabilizing the surrounding land. 

Photo Credit: Green Magic Homes

Electrical wiring feeds into the homes, covered by protective ducts, which also allow for easy maintenance. Channels for water pipes and ventilation ducts can be added to the house and extended at any point, so you can be fully equipped with everything you need from the start, before building outwards.

By having low energy requirements but high energy standards, these homes use up to 70% less energy than standard homes, reducing your overall production of polluting gases that contribute to the warming of the planet. 

Another thing to consider is adequate ventilation and waterproofing, but Green Magic Homes addresses this by creating a strong inner waterproof shell and by working with the surrounding earth to provide a warm, high-quality home.

That said, some customers have expressed issues with the homes. Treehugger reports that the houses are "inconsistent," and the brand has reportedly been stolen and misused by an unreliable company in Austraila. So do your research before you buy.

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